Shortly after declaring that he wants our economy to grow, he called for more action on “climate change.” This “action” will come in the form of more regulations on our industries. The science has left him and his party on this, but he does not care. He also does not care that his “action” on “climate change” will kill American jobs, as his previous regulatory actions have done. His war on coal has already wiped out thousands of jobs across America. How many jobs will he kill before he is satisfied?

How can America become a manufacturing powerhouse again, when our president is systematically shutting off the power?

If Congress won’t act soon on climate change, the president said, he will. This was a threat. Plain and simple. A threat to override the Constitution, sideline the Congress, and ignore the will of the American people.

But threats from a president who seated an illegal alien at his grand speech should come as no shock. To Barack Obama, the law is an obstacle, not a guide or a limit. He has swept Congress aside before via executive orders, and he intends to do so again.

His actions amount to a hacking of the US.. Constitution. Under our system, the two houses of Congress serve as checks on each other, and together, they serve as checks on the president’s power, and the three branches check and balance one another. But this president has the Senate in his back pocket through its leader, Sen. Harry Reid. Reid renders Obama impervious to congressional and court action against him. Thus, when his recess appointments were judged illegal by the courts, he simply ignored the courts. Harry Reid has his back.

Obama called for the federal government to “redesign high schools.” Does he not know that schools are creatures of local and state, not the federal, governments? Does he care? Does he see no limits at all on the things that should occupy a president’s time?

And again, on what basis does the president who cannot even submit a budget make the claim that he is qualified to redesign high schools?

It’s all absurd. Barack Obama is the absurd president. He makes no attempt to make any sense, yet the media will pretend that he is a visionary.

The reality is, Barack Obama is just a very powerful crank.

From there he moved on to pressing for “comprehensive immigration reform.” He claimed that he believes in stronger border security, which simply is not credible when his homeland security chief claims that the border has never been safer while there is a civil war raging in Mexico. He called on people of faith, whom he has attacked via the ObamaCare abortifacient mandate, to help him “get it done” on immigration reform. He hits you with one hand, then wants you to help him with the other.

When he turned to calling for a raise to the minimum wage, he made no sense. He called for a raise in the minimum wage to $9 an hour, decrying the possibility of anyone working full time on minimum wage living below the poverty line. Isn’t that why it’s a minimum? It’s not supposed to be a full-time living wage. No one is supposed to spend their career on the minimum wage. Workers should want, and work for, more. Raising it outside normal economic forces will kill, not create, jobs. Tying it to the increasing cost of living was one of the few ideas he proffered that made any sense, in that it would at least pull some of the politics out of raising the minimum wage by government fiat. But there is a basic question here that politicians pretend does not exist: Should the federal government even set a minimum wage at all?

When Obama turned to the war, his aim was as simple as it has been for years: End it. Whether we win it or not is not his primary concern.