The problem with the Democrats is that they did not care about the truth. They only cared about running down the clock to keep Clinton from having to answer directly. The problem with most of the Republicans is that they lacked anything like a spine. They were cowards. The problem with the few Republicans who did get tough was that they spent far too much time stating things, and far too little time asking questions. They appeared to be more interested in creating YouTube clips of themselves speaking, than in asking short, direct, informed questions that would have gotten anything close to a real answer from Clinton.

As a result, they never laid a glove on her.

As a result, the Benghazi cover-up remains covered up.

As a result, accountability is dead in Washington. At least, for Democrats. It’s still open season on Republicans.

If this article seems impressionistic and light on facts, consider this: It’s more informative than anything the Republicans managed to get out of Hillary Clinton on the murder of four Americans, and the Obama administration’s obviously successful attempt to cover it up.

Hillary can run in 2016 with a new slogan: “What difference does it make?” And she’s positioned to win.

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