His last letter is the same as his first letter:

Congratulations! Watching you on that podium today, surrounded by so many hundreds of thousands of Americans, I could not help but feel inspired by the miracle of democracy and the greatness of our nation. I also have a question: Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?

I know you are busy today, but call when you can.

I can’t recall in 45 years of media watching ever coming across anything as corrupting to professional journalism as this. He actually expected the president — the man he is paid to cover according to the ethics and standards (a stretch with CNN, I know) of professional journalism — to call and chat him up on an informal and friendly basis. It’s hard to pick what’s more bizarre — his belief that his pitiful missives actually stimulated the thinking of the president of the United States, or that he could entertain the idea of developing a personal relationship with Barack Obama.

Why is this guy still working for CNN? The revelation that he had engaged in this fantasy for four years should have elicited sympathy from his bosses — and a paid trip to a sanitarium — or a pink slip.

What does it say about CNN that they did neither?