Armstrong has now been stripped of his 2000 Olympic gold medal. Livestrong, his charity, has disassociated from him, and in turn has had its ties with the Sporting Kansas City soccer team severed. The fallout for Lance Armstrong is only beginning. The people he sued and some of the people and corporations who believed in him may now circle around him and pick him clean.

Hopefully Livestrong, the charity that he built but to which he now has no ties, can live on and continue to do the good work that it does. It’s the only part of Lance’s legacy that deserves to survive. Let the bike shop and the cafe stand too if they’re economically viable.

Armstrong says he cheated because he thought he had to in order to win. That cheating made him a champion, and then a friend to Mayor Leffingwell and George W. Bush and politicians and celebrities all over the world. He lied to them as much as he was lying to the cycling world. The only reason that the Lance Armstrong Bikeway exists is because Lance Armstrong cheated more efficiently and more ruthlessly than anyone else had ever cheated in cycling before. It’s now a scar in the heart of Austin. It needs to be removed.


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