Any Republicans entertaining ideas of going along with any Democrat ban should realize that they’re being played by the Democrats and the media, again. First, this administration perpetrated Fast and Furious and has never come clean about that. Obama asserted executive privilege to keep it covered up.

Rather than banning anything from law-abiding citizens, Republicans should first adopt the bipartisan Bill Clinton-NRA position and advocate for more security in schools. They should also take a look at how violent criminals get on the revolving door in and out of prison. One armed security officer could well have stopped the Newtown killer. If William Spangler, who had served 17 years for bludgeoning his grandmother to death with a hammer before getting released back onto an unsuspecting peaceful population, had been put away for life as he should have been, he would never have been free enough to obtain any firearms or kill anyone. Those firefighters would be alive today. Leftist lenience on crime has as much to do with Spangler’s crimes as anything else does. Leftist gun control policies govern America’s most violent cities. Do Democrats want all of America to become as violent as Chicago? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but that’s where their policies tend to lead.

Republicans should realize that caving in to the Democrats’ ban demand amounts to party suicide. By that point they have have already caved on tax hikes and may have taken part in slashing our national defense. If they also cave on the Second Amendment, what’s left for them to stand on?