Jovan Belcher was responsible for his actions. The evidence that has emerged since Saturday suggests that he was a product of a culture that substitutes real manliness for something false. It’s spiritual. It’s killing our nation.

We don’t know what was going on in Jovan Belcher’s mind. We don’t know what was going on between Belcher and his victim, Kassandra Parker. I don’t and nor do Kevin Powell and Jason Whitlock and Bob Costas. And that’s the point. We don’t know. Exploiting this heinous act is opportunistic, irresponsible, and inflammatory.

The left is exploiting the tragedy, in the words of Whitlock, to marginalize the “gun culture.” What is that culture? Does it exist? Does Whitlock even know?

The phrase “gun culture” suggests more than just firearms and the right to bear them. “Gun culture” implies more, a world. What is that world?

Well, attend any gun show and you’re likely to see what it is that so bothers liberals. It’s not just the firearms and ammunition, or the other weaponry and security gear on display. It’s the opposition to government control that really bothers them. They don’t like that some people will fight with all their spirit to be free.

Some, like Whitlock, also despise the “gun culture” because they perceive it as white.

The “gun culture” is about real manliness, in the form of recognizing potential threats before they’re standing in your hallway at midnight menacing you and your loved ones. The “gun culture” is about the responsible use of firearms through attention to safety. The “gun culture” is about the freedom to live your own life, have your own thoughts, and resist coercion.

Liberals just cannot abide that. So they attack it.