“All the evidence is that Ambassador Rice was using the information given to her by the intelligence community,” host George Stephanopoulos told Graham.

“I don’t believe that,” the senator shot back.

“Have the intelligence community, not the deputies, the people on the ground, put in one pile all the evidence of a pre- planned, coordinated terrorist attack with al-Qaeda militia in one pot and put in the other pot the evidence that this was a spontaneous mob created by a hateful video,” Graham continued. “I’ve seen no evidence — what did the FBI get from the survivors? They said there was never a mob to begin with. There were mobs in the — riots in the Mideast, but none of them have mortars, none of them lasted for seven hours. And why for seven hours could we not help these poor people? Where was the Department of Defense?”

“And when you look at the history of Benghazi, George, August 16th, there was a report coming out of Benghazi saying there are 10 al-Qaeda militias roaming around Benghazi, we cannot withstand a coordinated attack. This is on 16 August. The British closed their consulate in Benghazi. The Red Cross left. We kept our consulate open, unreinforced. There was an al-Qaeda storm brewing for months. I blame the president above all others.”

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) retorted that Rice “dutifully reported” the intelligence report, “just exactly what we expect her to do.”

“They had decided not to include the al-Qaeda reference so we wouldn’t compromise our sources in Benghazi and in Libya,” Durbin claimed. “…This has just been a dance-fest to go after Ambassador Rice. That should come to an end.”