How about some enterprising reporter ask Barack Obama how old he thinks the earth is, and what the Rev. Jeremiah Wright taught him about that? I guess that’s literally too much to ask. Instead let’s ask him how cool it is to get re-elected. Rubio, however, represents an existential threat to the new order that the Democrats believe demography will hand them. So he must be needled and prodded for weaknesses, and if he pulls an Akin, he’s toast.

Just tossing this out there, but I’m an evangelical Christian who spent eight years figuratively on the prow of the ship that has done more than any other to figure out just how old the universe is. My Christian beliefs survived that experience not only intact, but enhanced. It’s fair to say that I know more than any GQ reporter and any leftist blogger knows on the subject. If any Republican officeholder or wannabe out there wants my take on this, I’m here to help.

Update: Here come the snarky, ignorant, self-assured intolerant members of the leftist blogosphere.

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