The Catholic church has had its problems, but at the same time the Protestant churches have undergone a massive cultural change. Denominations have weakened to the point of irrelevance and have been replaced either by non-denominationalism or by the rise of feel-good preachers who don’t actually teach anything. Progressive — as in far left liberal and statist — teachings have slipped in, undermining the church’s moorings. Progressivism worships the almighty State. The modern Protestant church is adrift and losing souls by the millions in America. Among those who have left the church are undoubtedly more than a few Katy Perrys — people raised in the church, but who reject it in adulthood and then become its chief accusers. Politically, where do they go?

Again, I’m not making any judgements on any individuals here. My point is to wonder what other changes follow this cultural change. The numbers make their own case as to where American minds and hearts are headed. Just as faith fills a need, the lack of faith often leaves a need. For not all but certainly some, that need will be met with a man on high who gives you stuff, but more importantly who leads a benevolent state that he says cares about you. He works a miracle in the way that many flim flam men do. His rank hypocrisy — he claims to use the government to be his metaphorical brothers’ keeper but fails to do anything to help his actual living and breathing brother — is irrelevant. He is a hollow messiah for some, but a messiah nonetheless.