I’m not coming to some grand conclusion or offering a perfect solution here. I’m certainly not suggesting amnesty for illegal aliens as the solution. The 1986 amnesty may have been Reagan’s greatest mistake. The nation as a whole has become split, handing Republicans thundering victories in 2010 only to put Barack Obama back into the presidency two years later. But for some idiotic comments by a handful of Republicans, the GOP might have taken the Senate and had less of a drag on Romney. Todd Akin, Richard Mourdoch, Chris Christie — those two socially conservative and one moderate Republican have one thing in common besides being Republicans. They hurt Mitt Romney’s candidacy when he had no margin for error against an incumbent president. All three oppose ObamaCare, but their mistakes helped keep ObamaCare in place.

The fact is, despite the incessant media game of kicking the GOP, the brands of both parties are severely damaged. Democrats appeal ever more stridently to a base that aligns on race, is persuaded by ridiculously dishonest fear appeals on micro issues, cares little to nothing about threats to our sovereignty and security, and rejects economic math. We Republicans are at risk of appealing ever more to a shrinking and aging base. Demographics favor Democrats, but economics do not.

Obama won on Tuesday without winning independents and it may be that Hurricane Sandy and his ground game have as much to do with that as anything else. Barack Obama must be the luckiest politician alive. He might have had to face a crafty and very aggressive conservative in Rick Perry, but for a silly gaffe that wrecked Perry’s run. He was losing traction to Mitt Romney until a hurricane blew in and allowed him to don a bomber jacket and play the role of president just in time for low information voters to decide on him. The good news is that though it’s far too early to start thinking about who we’ll nominate in 2016, Republicans have a much deeper pool of strong candidates than the Democrats do. But the Democrats will probably have that Obama ground game to rely on again.

What I am saying is, we need to slow down the blame game and stop blaming each other. That’s what losers do. We need to filter truth from agendas and myths and then figure out what to do. That’s what winners do.