Why do we let it go on? Because the leftists are capable and willing to wreak havoc on our personal lives, our jobs, our very being, if we oppose the slightest bit of their Marxist, statist agenda. So we shut up. We have jobs, we have children, we have outdoor pets who could suffer. We shut up.

And we let the stereotype go on.

If you have gay friends — weirdly for such “homophobic” people, a lot of us do — ask them about the effects of such closeting of who you are. The effects on yourself, the effects on society. I still remember when gays were a safe target of every comedy. No more. People have found out there’s more to gay men than mincing, lisping figures of fun. They’ve found gay people are their brothers, their sisters, their friends, their co-workers.

And gay people have found that they are better for being themselves.

I came out as a conservative about two years ago.

It hurt my income and I didn’t have the room for it to be hurt. It hurt my social standing with my peers. But I sleep better at night. (Not last night. No. Not even with the pint of Jim Beam.) And I feel I was doing what I had to do.

I’m an American. We don’t go quietly into that good night, and we come from the spiritual stock of people who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in pursuit of liberty.

Without them there would be no Americans. Without them we wouldn’t be trying to get back what would never have existed.

We’ve let the Marxists mao mao us into the closet, and we’ve let them get away with fraud, and we’ve let them get away with violence.

They parade the worst president ever and an impeached president as paragons. We refuse to admit to George W. Bush, who, for all his faults, kept the economy humming after 9/11, because they scream and say he’s a liar.

Because we’re in the closet. Because we let them define us, our candidates, our positions.

The fault is not with our candidates or their campaigns, but with ourselves.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Let’s proclaim 11/7 constitutionalist and small government pride day. Maybe we can have a parade.

Will it be painless? Hell no. Will you suffer for it? Unless you’re already on top of your field, and feared, or unless you work for yourself and can’t be punished, probably.

Did you think it was easy? Did you think it was a game? Did you think such a good as liberty could be purchased cheap?

But if you come out, if you admit who you are, if you tell people what you believe — if all of us do — eventually the caricature will be defeated.

The other side has nothing. Marxism enshrines envy as a virtue and cannot build. It can only tear apart. The world they’ll create is mire and horror for whoever comes after us.

We must not let it happen. Our life, our fortune, our sacred liberty. If we’re lucky, we’ll not need to water this tree with blood.

It’s 11/7.  It’s our Constitutionalist Pride Day.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Be Not Afraid.