6. Will Ferrell Tries to Make Obama Ad, Ends Up Mocking Celebrity Obama Endorsements

The first time I watched this, I thought it was a satire making fun of celebrity endorsements. I was shocked to discover that it’s actually an official Obama campaign ad uploaded by BarackObamadotcom.

What went wrong? One must unpack layer upon layer of self-referential postmodern irony to decipher this clip, but this is what I think happened: Will Ferrell was asked to make an Obama ad, and agreed, but knew at some level that celebrity endorsements are essentially shallow and intellectually insulting, so he unconsciously transitioned into a schtick persona of a moronic celebrity (named Will Ferrell) making a vacuous and pointless ad for an uninspiring politician (Obama) with no record worth mentioning. This is not a sincere endorsement: This is a comedy act savagely mocking celebrities who think their opinions are worth a dime. And yet neither Ferrell nor the Obama team seem to grasp that they ended up ridiculing themselves.

7. Kids Lucky Not to Have Been Aborted Want to Get…Abortions

Speaking of unselfconscious irony, this ad proves once and for all that progressives have absolutely no self-awareness. The piece features a series of young girls addressing their pro-choice liberal moms, begging them to vote for the one candidate (Obama) who will ensure that when these girls grow up, they will have the right to abort their own daughters. Say…what? There are ways to make a pro-choice argument, but this is not one of them. The very worst technique to argue for abortion is to focus on how cute and precious living children are. But to then use them as spokesbabies advocating for the right to abort the next generation? It’s beyond the pale. I’m pretty pro-choice myself and even I was sick to my stomach after watching this.


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