3. Voting for Obama Is Like F*cking Obama

This is easily the most famous of the atrocious advertisements, and has already been dissected ad nauseam by talk show panelists and late-night comedians. Some new TV star named Lena Dunham (I assume it’s a girl, though it could pass for a 12-year-old boy) compares voting for Obama to losing your virginity. But the ad crosses the line from obscene to insane because the person you’re losing your virginity to is… Obama.

1952′s “I Like Ike” has given way to 2012′s “I Want to F*ck Barack.”

4. Talking Vagina Announces the End of Feminism

“A vote for Obama is a vote for me: Vagina 2012.”

40 years of women’s rights and feminist theory wiped away in just 145 seconds. Apparently the old joke was correct: A woman is just a life-support system for a p*ssy.

To quote Ed Morrissey, “The marvel of this is that anyone — and I mean anyone — thinks this is an effective way to make a political argument.”