Republicans find themselves in a demographic Catch-22. They will have to move aggressively to capture more of the growing Hispanic vote, and Hispanic cultural values align well with those of the GOP. But Republicans tend to downplay those issues in order to woo moderates. Any attempt to secure the border is cast as racist, driving some Hispanic voters away and making moderate voters wince. But the porous border threatens the rule of law and threatens to demographically render the GOP a minority party forever, or at least until the Democrat coalition splits, if that happens. In a contest between a serious issue (security) and a mostly rhetorical issue in modern America (racism), guess which one gets more media attention, and tends to move more voters?

Unless the looming sequestration defense cuts are prevented, our national defense will shrink to pre-World War One levels, while threats from Islamic terrorism, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and elsewhere are likely to grow. Obama’s own defense secretary warned about these cuts, but Obama ignored him and then lied about it during one of the debates. Obama has proven that he will never level with the American people about the threats we face.

But the evidence says that enough Americans care little enough for our national defense to render it an irrelevant issue. It just doesn’t matter. Neither do economic and individual liberty.

Our economy will remain shackled by unpopular ObamaCare (since America rejected the candidate who promised to repeal it) and the regulatory overload that Obama intends to impose. Millions of American workers may be forced into unions via card check, which Obama reportedly intends to impose with or without Congress. Increased union power will lead to less agile and competitive American companies, and will price more American workers competing with overseas workers out of jobs. If you liked the last four years, you will love the next four.

Unless we curtail entitlement spending, we are headed for bankruptcy. Obama promised to reform entitlements four years ago, and spent four years demagoguing against every attempt to get to any reforms. Then, he was re-elected.

Here, I may read more into the re-election of Obama than is warranted, but here goes. The situation we find ourselves in has come about because we have become a soft and superficial people. We have spurned our traditional beliefs in favor of fads. We know more about the Kardashians than the Constitution. We have become more a nation of takers than makers, and ever more a nation of broken families that looks at government as daddy rather than as a necessary evil. The fact is, stable husbands and wives and churchgoers voted for Romney, while singles voted for Obama. But a narrow majority of America’s Catholics voted with Obama as well despite his direct and public attack on their church. A heavy majority of the Jewish vote went for Obama, again, despite his hostility toward Israel. Decadence is good for Democrats, and the evidence that Obama’s victories provide is that we are decadent. We have no god, yet Obama is somehow its prophet.

Because of the way he backed into his second term, Barack Obama has no coattails, and he has no mandate. He chose not to run on a serious agenda and he ran a small ball campaign that painted Romney as a felon and murderer when Romney is as clean as they come in politics. He painted the man who saved the Olympics as a villain. Is it the economy, stupid? No, it’s a ground game and Big Bird and lady parts.

Obama has every reason to move to the center to make his second term successful, but he will not. His lack of a mandate will not stop him from pushing hard for his agenda, either with Congress or more likely around it. The Senate in Democratic control will block any efforts to stop him, if it can. The courts haven’t proven to be much of an impediment, and Obama now gets to appoint more judges who agree with him. We will keep funding the government on continuing resolutions. The states may be compelled to go along with his agenda or they may be bribed with their own money. Obama’s second term could be a time for governors to reassert state authority in a big way (while getting trashed by the left, for protecting the people of their states). ObamaCare is permanent and a threat to our health care system, the war on coal will be pushed toward its conclusion, and this president’s drive to disarm the United States while vastly expanding the entitlement state will proceed apace. Obama’s re-election is a catastrophe for those who want a strong and liberty-based America rooted in traditional values and our Constitutional order.

The three-way split inside the Beltway is a opportunity for Obama to behave as a regulatory tyrant, and that is what he will probably do. The divided nation suits a divisive president.