Crowley’s behavior seemed to have been worked out with the president before the debate. Once Romney brought up Benghazi, as everyone knew he would, Obama ordered Crowley to “get the transcript,” and she waved some papers around while backing up Obama’s version of events.That moment changed the debate and temporarily buried the question of whether Obama had admitted that despite what he had been telling the American people, al Qaeda was still a threat.

Obama’s version of events, though, was a lie. CNN reporter Candy Crowley backed him up in that lie. And for weeks after that, CBS helped keep the lie alive when that network had video proving that it was a lie.

All of this proves two things, as I noted at the beginning of this piece. The first is that CBS’ and Crowley’s actions prove that the American people absolutely cannot trust the mainstream media at all. CBS had proof that President Obama lied directly to the American people about Benghazi for two weeks after the assault, and in the second presidential debate. There is no way around this: President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador Rice and White House spokesman Jay Carney all lied about Benghazi. The lie starts on Sept. 12, the day after the attack. But the network intentionally hid the proof that it had from the American people for nearly two months. The lie only began to unravel when Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, testified that the attack had been an act of terrorism. That was on Sept. 19. But on Sept. 25, President Obama again blamed a movie, six times, in his United Nations address. The man who made that movie remains in jail on alleged probation violations. Rather than tell the truth, then, President Obama assaulted Americans’ free speech rights and is holding what amounts to a political prisoner in jail ,without hearing, until after the election. This is a very serious situation, and the debates could have clarified it all for the American people. But when CNN’s Crowley had the chance to help the American people see the president’s lie, she chose to add another lie to help him out. Her actions raise more questions. Was her role worked out with the president beforehand? Did CNN have any involvement in her actions? Were any of the debate’s producers also in what now looks like a fix? The media which should investigate this, never will. They’re barely even reporting on the Benghazi assault itself.

The second and more important thing this episode proves beyond all doubt is that the American people cannot trust Barack Obama to tell the truth about anything. The attack that happened on Sept. 11 in the consulate in Benghazi was not a protest that got out of control. It was a terrorist attack. President Obama knew that it was a terrorist attack while it was underway and Americans were fighting for their lives. But the president who loves to claim “I am my brother’s keeper” sent in no aid to those Americans, and after their murders at the hands of al Qaeda-linked terrorists, Obama and his administration lied about the attack to keep from having to admit that despite his bravado on the campaign trail, al Qaeda is not “on the run.” President Obama lied, and his lieutenants lied, repeatedly, for weeks, about what had happened. Key members of the media helped keep that lie viable, perhaps long enough for Obama to win re-election.

Those who say that Benghazi is bigger than Watergate are right. No one lost their life in Watergate, and President Nixon never held any political prisoners to cover up what was a third-rate burglary. It was not the crime that did Nixon in, but the cover-up.

But the facts regarding Benghazi are far more serious. In Benghazi, four Americans died, President Obama and his top men and women failed to send them aid, and then lied. They lied for weeks. They put a main in jail, and they spent American taxpayer dollars to blame that man in television ads that ran in volatile Pakistan. Those actions show not just dishonesty, but constitute an attack on the First Amendment by the sitting president and his administration. When it had multiple chances to expose the president’s lies, the US media helped Obama perpetrate the cover-up.

If Barack Obama gets away with all of this and is re-elected, he will take his victory, by whatever margin, as a mandate. The media will celebrate and call for unity. The Democrat-controlled Senate, if the Democrats retain control after tomorrow’s election, will do everything it can to sweep Benghazi under the rug. Barack Obama will believe that he is invincible. He will become an even greater threat to free speech and other constitutionally-guaranteed rights than he already is.

Update: Check out The Hill’s devious framing on this story. Obama is caught out in a lie and CBS is caught assisting him, but the headline targets Republicans who “pounced” on the new tape.