Gillespie pooh-poohed Plouffe’s assertion that they have a better ground game and that will bring the election home.

“Their assumption seems to be that these undecided voters, the — you know, the president and Governor Romney are both about 47 percent, 48 percent, as you know, in these polls, and their assumption seems to be that these undecided voters aren’t going to turn out and that they, therefore, prevail because of their superior ground game versus ours,” he said.

“Number one, their ground game is not superior. And, number two, I think those undecided voters are going to turn out, and they’re going to break pretty strongly against the president.”

A new poll today in the Allentown Morning Call found Obama with a three-point lead over Romney, 49-46 in a state where he’s previously led by safe margins.

“For the first time, likely voters’ view of Romney is more positive than negative with 47 percent favorable to 45 percent unfavorable,” reported the paper. “Obama’s ratings have been slightly more positive since early September and he now is viewed favorably 48 percent to unfavorably 47 percent.”