Morris predicted a Romney win in Ohio but expressed concern about the impact of the hurricane. Reagan said that the election will be decided this weekend as the campaigns get out the vote, and that Romney would win there. Both agreed that Romney would win Florida, where Morris says he has moved out to a “nice lead.” Morris predicted a win in Virginia as well, where Romney also has a “nice lead.” Reagan described Virginia as a fait accompli for Romney.

Wisconsin, Morris said, has undergone a “fundamental shift on its way to becoming a Republican state.” Republicans there have a much better field organization than the Democrats do after the recall. He said that Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes plus Pennsylvania’s 20 are the “absolute key” to Romney’s win.

Both predicted Obama would carry Nevada and Oregon. Both agreed that Romney would prevail on Tuesday, but neither used the “landslide” word that Morris has been using lately. Morris urged Romney supporters to “work like hell” between now and the election, talking with the people in their lives and urging them to vote for Romney. He also suggested that Romney has to continue to focus on the economy but also needs to bring up the Benghazi scandal, which he said was causing Obama to “crater” before the hurricane struck.

NewsMax organized the “insider briefing” conference call.

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