Interestingly, according to the GAI’s study, the Obama campaign’s online store requires the CVV for purchasing campaign swag.

Accepting foreign donations is illegal. It’s also against federal law to solicit foreign donations. Obama himself has decried the possibility of foreign money working its way into U.S. elections. In 2010, he said that American elections should not be “bankrolled by foreign entities.” Obama senior adviser David Axelrod even accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of accepting foreign donations, and when pressed for evidence, insisted that the burden of proof was on the Chamber, not the Obama campaign. Axelrod presumably would not accept that the burden of proof regarding his campaign’s evident acceptance of foreign donations is now on the campaign.

Powerline, Dan Riehl, Daily Caller, Katie Pavlich, National Review, and Hot Air all have more on this story. The Obama campaign says it raised a staggering $181 million in September. But federal law doesn’t require disclosure on donations less than $200, and guess what: Most of Obama’s donations stayed below that mark. This means the campaign doesn’t have to disclose where those small donations are coming from, or who is behind them. Americans have no reason to be confident that the president of the United States’ re-election effort is being driven by Americans donating to it.

We’re on our third iteration of this foreign donation scandal for Barack Obama. It’s about to break into the top five scandals that should sink this president.