So, they’ve been doing what our reporters do for other countries.  They’ve been following the media here.  And, because they’re several years behind us in terms of blogs (though almost everyone has a computer, the news blogging hasn’t really taken off.  Not sure why.  Must be cultural), it never occurred to them to check the alternate media.

They’ve bought the “Romney is doomed” thing so thoroughly, they’ve been making jokes about it on TV.

And now… and now even the media here is having trouble covering up Obama’s disastrous performance.

What can they do?  They’re doubling down on the narrative and hoping that Obama – and his media allies – still pull it off.

And if they don’t?

Ah, not to worry.  Portuguese media is after all European.  They’ll pull their inner intellectual and have panels on America’s endemic racism and feel ever so superior.

But until then, the view of the U.S. Portuguese (and I suspect other Europeans) are getting is like a fun house mirror.

I’ve heard, of course, that death or distance dress people in their best aspect.  But I didn’t realize that Portugal was that distant from the US.  Like… the other side of the moon.

It’s all right.  It’s not the first time my family has thought I was crazy.  I can live with it.