“As the deaths of Agent Ivie and Agent Terry  can be directly attributed to the failed domestic policies of this administration, the deaths and injuries of Americans in Benghazi and elsewhere can be directly attributed to the failure of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, one of bombing from a distance and refusing to engage the realities on the ground. Mr. Obama’s White House steadfastly lied to the American people for ten days about the root cause of this terrorist attack. Instead, it attempted to blame an America citizen for the carnage.

“I know… I have a hard time believing it, too.

“Mr. Obama has failed Americans at home. Mr. Obama has failed Americans around the world. Mr. Obama has managed to play 105 rounds of golf.

“He has also presided over the only two credit downgrades in this nation’s history.

“You deserve better.

“I look forward to the chance this evening to share with the American people my vision for restoring respect to the Office of the President, for a strong economic recovery that puts Americans back to work, and for a foreign policy that has the enemies of this nation fear us and the allies of this nation proud of their relationship with us, not the other way around.

“Tonight, we begin the road to recovery that Mr. Obama could never find.

“Mr. Obama, get out of our way.”