Now, there are three ways in which anyone, anywhere in the country can join the fight. Even if you’re not in a swing state, or a state that has a Romney/Ryan field office at all.  Supporters in Texas or California may not be able to knock on doors in Wisconsin or Ohio, but you can still work the phones. Supporters anywhere in the country can now go online to the Mitt Romney “Call from Home” website, and volunteer to phone bank just like they would in a regular field office, but from the comfort of your home.

You can also help get the message out there through social media. The Romney campaign allows supporters to make “My Mitt” accounts, which they can loop in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, which they can use to distribute Romney news to their friends and followers. Supporters can also raise money for Romney by setting fundraising goals and encouraging donations.

The Republican National Committee has a similar digital volunteer drive, called the GOP Social Victory Center, which helps supporters distribute news about the campaign and organize local events within their own communities. From the GOP Social Victory Center you can tap into and help spread the campaign’s latest messages.

You can also donate to help the campaign through the final push, here.

These efforts may seem small, but look again at those statistics above. It takes a whole lot of small efforts to add up to a big national campaign that can win.

So stop griping. Your country needs you in the campaign. You can campaign in a swing state regardless of where you happen to live.

So get to it.