Fact: Under Barack Obama’s stewardship, we’re stuck above 8% unemployment nationally. Millions of Americans who would never under any other circumstances seek government benefits, now have to just to keep what they have worked for all their lives. Millions have given up looking for work at all, and millions more are underemployed. Government overtaxes and underserves the American citizen at every level, but Obama’s priority continues to include siding with government unions and demagoguing America’s top earners. The moribund economy is a consequence of this president’s behavior.

Fact: Under Obama’s stewardship, regulations have driven energy prices higher, and that has contributed to the slowed economy.

Fact: Driving energy prices higher was and continues to be part of Barack Obama’s strategy, and it is killing jobs.

Fact: Under Obama’s stewardship, the federal government has worked to increase dependency rather than salute success. Democrats depend on unsustainable spending, which will bankrupt the country, to keep their party politically viable.

Fact: Under Obama’s stewardship, the government brought in a sweeping health care law that is demonstrably killing jobs right at the source, small business.

Fact: Obama has no plan to fix or undo any of the damage he has done to the economy, and has no background that suggests he even understands what the problems are. All he has is “Forward,” a slogan as empty as his promises to go through the budget line by line and cut wasteful spending, and as empty as his promise to cut the deficit in half by now. We have had no budget in nearly four years under this president, and the deficit has exploded.

So when he appears on Cavuto’s show this afternoon, Romney should revise and extend his comments to hammer away at the Obama record of hostility to free enterprise, and the consequences that hostility has imposed on the hard-working, free-enterprise-supporting American public. “You didn’t build that!” and “Government is the only thing we all belong to” should get prominent replays.