As for DWS, as a fact checker, I have to admit that Mitt Romney did not “leave an impression” of what his presidency would be like. That would fall under the rubric of gypsy fortune tellers, not politicians seeking office. Unless you have a crystal ball that would tell us exactly what conditions Mr. Romney would be facing on January 20, 2013, I suggest you take another line of attack — maybe talk about his dog or something.

Actually, the impression left by Mr. Romney is that he would be a damn sight better president than the man who currently holds that position. Is that what you meant, Debbie?

Then there’s that web video that touts Mr. Romney’s “plans to add tax burdens to the middle class, further enrich the wealthy with tax cuts and gut state-financed health care for seniors.”

It wasn’t necessary to have graduated from Fact Check U. (the “Harvard of the Northeast”…oh, wait) to check the facts on this one. Mitt Romney has no “plans” to raise taxes on the middle class. That’s an outright lie and I am going to write the Union of Concerned Fact Checkers about it. He is also calling for further tax rate reductions to help the middle class. Will they “enrich the wealthy”? The wealthy are already rich — I know because I’m a fact checker and already checked that fact out. And as for the “Mediscare” nonsense, even liberal fact checkers have checked on that and say that Ryan’s plan — which Romney has not endorsed completely — wouldn’t “gut state financed health care for seniors” who are currently covered under Medicare. Even those 55 and older could still be part of that bloated, wasteful, inefficient, and bloodsucking government program — if they chose. Considering the fact that President Obama and the Democrats have not offered a counter proposal to save Medicare, and have only proposed cutting $700 billion in Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals, a fact checker might legitimately ask, “Who is it that is ‘gutting’ Medicare?”

Now that I’ve gotten the fact check ball rolling on Obama, I hope to see the same number of fact checkers checking out what the Obama team has been saying about Mr. Romney and his speech.

I also hope to see a unicorn some day and watch pigs fly, but that’s another column.