And more and more, the GM jobs “created or saved” are in…China.

32% of first-quarter vehicle productions is going to be in China versus 30% in North America.

That would be Communist China.  Where Shanghai GM in 2011 sponsored a movie celebrating the “Glorious Revolution”s 90th Anniversary.

To duck the deserved criticism:

Greg Martin, executive director of communications strategy for GM, told The Daily Caller in May 2011 that Shanghai GM “is a completely separate and distinct business entity based in China that has no organizational or financial ties whatsoever” with the Detroit car maker.

“It is not GM,” Martin said then. “It is not GM money. And it is in no shape or form, or indirectly, taxpayer money.”

But now that ever more of its sales are in China:

“Shanghai GM is GM,” Martin told TheDC on Friday. “We make money, they make money.”

Disingenuousness in fact abounds when it comes to the Obama Administration and GM.

President Obama once upon a time told us we would make money on the $82 billion auto bailout.  Which was then amended to:

“The government will lose less than 20 percent of the $80 billion used to bail out the U.S. automobile industry.”

Only now we’re poised to lose (at least) $42 billion.  And as we’ve seen, that number is serially fungible – always upward.  And reliant on Administration-provided data.  It will undoubtedly end up being even worse.

GM and the Obama Administration claim to have fixed the Chevy Volt fire problem – when there are at least five fires and a whole host of attending Volt charging problems that have not yet been adequately explained.

President Obama continues to incessantly claim that GM is #1 in global sales – even though Toyota has now recovered from their post-tsunami devastation and reclaimed the top spot.

President Obama in April 2010 asserted:

“It won’t be too long before the stock the Treasury is holding in GM could be sold ….”

And on, and on, and….

GM is allegedly an Obama Administration “success.”  This is the President trying his plan, and it “working”.

Yet it’s all smoke and mirrors – when it’s not outright lies.

Welcome to Campaign Obama 2012.