5.) Many Israelis I spoke to are very bitter about the continued detention of Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy who has been imprisoned in America for 27 years. Many in the Israeli government wanted Shimon Peres to refuse to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama unless Pollard was set free. Moshe Feiglin told us he did not feel like celebrating American independence on July 4 while his “brother” Jonathan Pollard was still imprisoned.

6.) A member of Likud in the Israeli Knesset, Ayoob Kara, makes Bibi Netanyahu look like leftist Jeremy Ben Ami. Mr. Kara is extremely hawkish on matters of Israeli security, and does not believe in a two state solution because “it would cause war.” He believes that Israel “must be strong and must remain Jewish,” and he spearheaded the movement to pass the Israeli allegiance law that the left railed against.

He conveyed his loyalty to Israel by saying: “I would give up all my uncles and brothers for Israel.” He told us that the problem with the Middle East is Islamic fundamentalism, and that this region of the world is not ready for democracy — a critique of the “Arab Spring”.

Mr. Kara’s views are significant because he is not Jewish. He is a Druze Arab, who illustrate by their very existence that Israel is hardly the apartheid country that Jimmy Carter and other leftists claim.

7.) Out of the 120 member Israeli Knesset, a record 16 are currently not Jewish, including Haneen Zoabi, who was on the Gaza Flotilla. Despite participating in an act of war against her country, she still remains in office. Israel bends over backwards to protect its minorities, even those who are enemies.