Well, the voters of Ohio had no problem sending Portman back to Washington after he served in Bush’s White House. In fact, when Portman ran for his current Senate seat in 2010 he defeated his Democrat opponent, garnering 57% of the vote to Lee Fisher’s 39%.

Now, in the midst of the 2012 election cycle when Romney is in search of a “boring white guy,” how could any guy who won an important state’s Senate race by 18 points possibly be that boring?

In response to the “boring” accusation, which supposedly helps Portman’s chances, here is an entertaining piece to the contrary which appeared recently on BuzzFeed  (“15 Genuinely Interesting Things About Rob Portman”).

He’s hunts! He canoes! He bikes! He fishes! He speaks Spanish!  (The latter could be a big benefit to Romney with a voting block that he needs to attract.)

So maybe he’s not that boring after all.

Consider Portman’s resume of 12 years as a congressman with stints as  U.S. Trade Representative, OMB director, a U.S. senator since January 2011, and an Ohio political power player who is credited with helping Romney win the Ohio primary over Rick Santorum — and you have someone who is extremely well-qualified to be the GOP vice-presidential candidate.

Now many signs are pointing in Portman’s direction except this one.

Currently Intrade has Senator Portman’s chances of being selected as Romney’s VP rated at only 22%. (But Portman’s chances are increasing by the minute.)

Portman’s closest Intrade competitor is Florida Senator Marco Rubio. At the moment, Rubio’s chances that he will be Romney’s VP are rated at 24%.

This tight VP race raging at Intrade suggests that the general betting public is not yet up to speed on what many Washington GOP insiders and members of the media are saying about Portman’s real chances.

All politics aside, the primary job of the vice president is to step in and take over as president of the United States if called upon — and for that role, Senator Portman is well-suited.

In fact, Mark McKinnon, now a political media personality who served as media strategist for President Bush in 2000 and 2004, wrote in an email responding to my question “Why Portman?”, “The guy was truly made for the job.”

Compare that description to the now deceased Osama bin Laden’s stinging critique of Vice President Joe Biden. (Bin Laden called him “utterly unprepared” to be president of the United States.)

Captured documents revealed that bin Laden dreamed of targeting planes carrying President Obama and General Petraeus so our nation would be plunged into crisis under Biden’s leadership.

In the end, the contest between “the guy truly made for the job” and the one called “utterly unprepared” will not be the determining factor in whether Obama or Romney is victorious in November.

However, according to my sources, Senator Rob Portman is the one most likely to be standing on stage at the vice-presidential debate this fall.

Reserve your seat now — because a Biden vs. Portman match-up will be anything but boring.