He might be surprised, though, to find out how many coal producing states there really are in the US. According to the Institute for Energy Research, coal is not limited to Appalachia.

That’s quite a few electoral votes to give away, waging war on coal.

According to CountonCoal,

133,533 direct jobs are created by coal with an average salary of $77,475 – 37% of which are in danger by the Obama Administrations war on energy.  Average salary of a Solyndra employee: $0.00

·      49 states have coal-based power plants

·      46 percent of electricity is derived from coal-based power

·      94 percent of U.S. energy supply is coal

·      There is a 249-year supply of energy in the U.S. coal reserves

Against all of that, here is the Obama energy plan.

No coal. The president is systematically killing off our energy supply, for purely ideological reasons. He does not seem to care what that does to jobs or energy prices, or ultimately to the economy and American families. Even after a felon embarrassed him in the West Virginia Democratic primary, it’s full speed ahead in the destructive Obama war on coal.