Age 30: He meets a woman named Julia and they date for a while. Maybe things are turning around for him. They have sex and Julia tells him she is on the pill. A few months later, she is pregnant;  he wants to get married but she can get better treatment with child support and the government paying her way and says “hell no.” Julia sues for child support. The next thing you know, she is living well and the man in her life is living part of the time on the streets and the other part in jail since he can’t afford the $1000 a month child support payment when his business is slow.

Age 37: He rarely sees his son, Zachary, and Julia has turned him against his father anyway. Zachary wants little to do with him.

Age 65: Enrolls in Medicare but is denied a prostate exam. He is male, don’t ya know.  Gets prostate cancer but it is advanced due to not catching it in time.

Age 67: Dies broke after using his money first for Zachary and then to pay for Julia and other women’s upkeep in the Obama economy.

Age 68: Another statistic while the New York Times grumbles that not enough men are dying early like Julia’s guy.

Zachary at 37 doesn’t want to end up like his dad and, after years of facing his own discrimination for the crime of being born male in Obama’s regime, he starts a movement to get revenge on the system that has oppressed him and his father. Civilization is never the same.