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Georgia ‘War on Women’ Rally a Flashback to the ’70s

Helen Reddy and over-the-top rhetoric against Republicans.

Mary Grabar


May 1, 2012 - 12:48 pm
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State Representative Simone Bell (District 58) in this second video said that “in the deepest part of their dark souls” Republicans believe HB 954 is the right thing to do. She had to turn her back when Representative Terry England, in that very venerable Capitol building behind her, compared women to farm animals.  Did he really?  He’s no Cicero, but I think he was just trying to relate the wonders of life and birth by making the analogy to life on the farm.  The video of the speech is here on the site of Think Progress.

Next is Patricia Wilson-Smith, executive director of Black Women for Obama, whose purpose is to reelect Barack Obama because that is good for women. Conservatives, conversely, use women’s health and well-being as a “sick game of political football.”

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Women’s political coach Jan Selman, after suggesting that conservative gun owners be shot dead, claims she can barely “speak the name HB 954” which, according to her, eliminates a woman’s right to abortion after 20 weeks and reveals “how drunk with power. . . these boys are.”  Such legislation is due to “a severe case of collective testosterone poisoning,” and “the only known antidote is estrogen” (as in replacing the “boys” in office).

I interview Eva Voris Avery, media liaison for Unite Women, regarding HB 954 and Susan B. Anthony, one of the feminist foremothers cited by the speakers.  Avery calls HB 954 “outrageous.”  I ask if it would forbid abortions when the woman’s life is in danger.  She claims there are “no exceptions,” and that it criminalizes physicians who perform those abortions.  This is the bill here; see sections about the exceptions for averting “death” and “physical impairment.”

Regarding the oft-cited Susan B. Anthony, who opposed abortion, Avery claimed that her group didn’t oppose people who are pro-life—I guess only those who write pro-life legislation.

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Here is my commentary.  I try to recap all the wide-ranging Republican-sponsored bills that counted as part of the War on Women.  It was difficult, but I tried.  It was getting hot.  And Helen Reddy’s anthem kept pounding in my head.

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Mary Grabar is a resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization in Clinton, New York. Her writing can be found at Subscribe to dispatches here.
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