The FBI deserves recognition for doing the right thing when it came down to crunch time. Thanks go as well to the congressional staffers I spoke with who began making inquiries with the FBI earlier this week, and the many fusion center and law enforcement officials who complained to the FBI about the intel sharing shut down.

We expect a press release from the National Fusion Center Association and we will post it here as an update when it is available.

UPDATE: Here’s the relevant portion of the press release from the National Fusion Center Association about today’s FBI conference call:

During the call, Director Healy stated that he has been working with his staff over the past few months to resolve program policy issues that stopped them from providing immediate TSC hit reporting to fusion centers. Director Healy reported that this week the TSC has started immediate encounter notifications to fusion centers that contain a reference number to the TSC encounter, but that do not contain personal identifying information. He stated that the TSC will provide immediate access information to the TSC encounter data that is located on the secure systems provided by DHS and the FBI at fusion centers. I will send the access instructions in a separate message.