Many mothers today have seen the financial and emotional burden of daycare and after-school programs and have said, “No thanks. Not for my children.” And so we sold our second car, bought a smaller house, spent time meal planning and coupon clipping, growing gardens, and homeschooling our broods (or spent massive amounts of time on the PTA or in the principal’s office advocating for better education.) We do this because we believe the future truly does rest on the the shoulders of the people we are shaping right now. They are more important to us than any luxury a second salary could provide.

That some women need to work or want to work is their business. Some women need to be with their children and it is as valid (if not more so) than needing another vacation or a daily venti mocha from a tatted-up barista. What really annoys is the wedge Rosen is trying to drive between women.. It pits us against one another and causes the us vs. them insults to fly (like my snarky Starbucks barb above). The truth is, Obamanomics is bad for ALL women, poor, rich, middle class, working or non-working, all women are suffering under economic policies that are bankrupting our nation and saddling our children with unsustainable debt.

The chances of providing the same or better financial comfort for your children your parents were able to give you is dwindling quickly. When I go to the grocery store and see $3.98 on a gallon of milk I break out in hives. Gas at $4.19 a gallon makes my gluteal muscles clench. At the same time employers aren’t raising salaries fast enough to accommodate the higher cost of living because profits are down. The price of food is skyrocketing because of the cost to truck it into town.

In discussions with my friends, the biggest issue for all of us is rising prices which can all be traced to the fuel that turns our engines. All sensible people know that drilling for more oil and building refineries will put this country back on the right track. The Keystone Pipeline would have put thousands of people to work and increased the flow of oil from Canada to the US.  But somehow, the fact that I don’t sit in a cubicle (and can wear yoga pants all day) means I can’t have an opinion on policies that sent us spiraling into this economic crisis according to Democrats like Rosen.

Au’contrair, mon ennemi! I object! The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and buys the groceries and this mama is very concerned about the economic state of this country. As a tax-paying citizen (yes, I pay property taxes, sales taxes and income tax for the few freelance jobs I do from my house) my ideas matter. More importantly, my vote and the votes of every other full-time mom matter too.

Methinks Hillary Rosen and the rest of the Democrat Party are going to find that out this November.