I concluded my previous post, “Strange Sex & Human Sacrifice in Bluebeard’s Castle,” with this series of questions:

But why does Bell need to express this through talk of human sacrifice, an enslaved wife, and a polygamous husband? Why does he again cast American blacks in the role of a woman doomed to a life of sex with a man she doesn’t love (recall the fifth Afrolantica Legacy)?

The flip side of his imagery of the degraded woman: why does he use Geneva Crenshaw, the idealized female version of himself, throughout his writings? How come the first Afrolantica Legacy presents a beautiful black alien goddess — Chiara, a “brown-skinned Joan of Arc” — coming down from heaven to give Bell his wisdom? How come in the second Afrolantica Legacy Bell made the hero a woman? Why does Bell repeat over and hover how “black women will ultimately save our people”? How come Bell surrounded his Critical Race Theory world with idols of strong females?

Antisemites don’t actually hate Jews. In fact it’s not even the Jewish people who are really their target. Antisemites hate what the Jews created, a cornerstone of Western civilization that now transcends Judaism: ethical monotheism. Antisemites hate the idea that there is only one true, invisible, faceless God and thus one Rule of Law and one standard of behavior for all. They would rather worship the idols they have created. For Bell, he worshiped a mother goddess — a symbol of nature and sex. His political theology reinvents the functions of the fertility cults of antiquity.

If one God doesn’t exist and every culture’s customs and gods are equally valid and should be tolerated — an idol today called “multiculturalism” — then why is child sacrifice wrong? Why is ritual prostitution — religiously-mandated rape and slavery — not permissible?

Yesterday I blogged at PJ Lifestyle about a 9-page letter written by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas in which he accuses actor Mel Gibson of antisemitism, conspiracy thinking, violent anger problems, and shocking sexual fantasies shared with a child. Here’s a very disturbing — but revealing — excerpt exposing a root pathology within the antisemitic mind:

This morning, the Today show interviewed Eszterhas and pressed him for proof of his allegations and wanted to know why he continued working with Gibson after this episode (which he mentioned in non-explicit terms on the show). He answered that there were other witnesses and that his son had shot a video of Gibson’s behavior. He also explained that this was the last straw and after this incident with his son he cut off contact with Gibson.