He will rule as much as possible by executive orders. He will find ways to do end runs around Congress, if he knows they will not go along. He will have at least one, maybe even two, Supreme Court seats to fill, and that will be his most enduring legacy.

The possibilities are endless how Obama 2.0 will find ways to trample the Constitution.

And who will stop him short of impeachment?

As a concerned American, I believe it is imperative that President Obama is defeated. Thus, Republicans must rally around Mitt Romney because he is the candidate we have – not the candidate we might want or wish to have at a later time.

Now all you disgruntled Republicans out there, repeat this quote twice in the morning and once at bedtime.

Trust me, you will feel better.

Update: In a sign that Mitt Romney’s opponents are not taking the advice I offered in this column quietly, here is an email I just received from Rick Tyler, who is the senior advisor for Newt’s PAC Winning the Future and an all-around Newt cheerleader. He wrote:

To quote Rick Santorum, “Bulls—”.

Rick Tyler

(Mr. Tyler also gave me permission to post his email.)