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Touring Derrick Bell’s Afrolantica, Part 7: Unemployment Creates Crack Dealers

"... the high percentage of minority youth who are seduced into selling drugs because the labor market is closed to them."

Dave Swindle


March 24, 2012 - 6:00 am
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Here’s Obama quoted in the New York Times in 1990 in an article titled “First Black Elected to Head Harvard’s Law Review” by Fox Butterfield:

”The fact that I’ve been elected shows a lot of progress,” Mr. Obama said today in an interview. ”It’s encouraging.

”But it’s important that stories like mine aren’t used to say that everything is O.K. for blacks. You have to remember that for every one of me, there are hundreds or thousands of black students with at least equal talent who don’t get a chance,” he said, alluding to poverty or growing up in a drug environment.

After becoming the president of what should be the most prestigious law journal in the country, Obama claimed that “there are hundreds or thousands of black students with at least equal talent” to him.

Michael Kinsley’s definition of a gaffe as “when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say” comes to mind.

If an individual cannot take responsibility for his failures then how can he feel any real satisfaction in his successes? What a dark world one would live in where everything comes down to chance, save for the instances where bold progressives can implement social justice. Is that what Barack Obama thinks deep down? That he just got lucky and that now it’s his job to spread the “luck” around?

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