How about the Civil Rights Division, charged with conducting this investigation?  Unfortunately, it has engaged in serial misbehavior on Attorney General Eric Holder’s watch, most famously in its dismissal of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case — after it had already won a summary judgment!  Sworn testimony by former Division lawyers reveals that the division’s policy is now to NOT enforce voting rights laws in a race-neutral manner.  And its unlawful hiring policy — “only radical ideologues need apply” — has been exposed and documented in exquisite detail.

The misdeeds of the Civil Rights Division go on and on.  It has refused to discipline or terminate employees who used their government credit card to pay for a mistress or who admitted committing perjury in an inspector general investigation.  It has persisted in filing lawsuits demanding that fire and police departments use racial quotas in hiring — though that defies Supreme Court precedent.  Its opposition to voter ID and every other common-sense election reform intended to secure the integrity of our elections further illustrates how politics drive almost every law enforcement decision being made in the division.

Those who seek a true, impartial picture of what happened in Sanford can find nothing to cheer about in the decision to have lawyers from the scandal-plagued Civil Rights Division or the ethically challenged Criminal Division investigate this tragedy.  What’s needed in this case is justice.  But when the Justice Department is inhabited — as it is today — by anti-gun, racially biased, left-wing ideologues, its investigations become automatically suspect.  And without trust, healing is not possible.

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