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Robert Wargas


March 4, 2012 - 9:15 am

breitbart (BRIGHT-bart)
v. breitbarted, breitbarting, breitbarts

1. To destroy an argument; fisk: “Yo man did you see Bill Maher last night? His argument on healthcare was breitbarted by P.J. O’Rourke.”
2. To confront someone with undeniable empirical proof of an event: “The defendant denied the charges, but the prosecution breitbarted him with video proof of the crime.”
3. An unmitigated display of testicular fortitude: “That girl turned me down for a date, so I breitbarted her by showing up at her house and playing Peter Gabriel tunes outside her window.”
4. To dominate a situation by way of aggressive tactics: “The professor tried to intimidate the student with Noam Chomsky books, but the student breitbarted the class by quoting Thomas Sowell.”
5. To unveil fraudulence and sophistry: “I tried to pass off a counterfeit bill on the cashier, but I was breitbarted when he used that special marker on it.”

Robert Wargas is a contributor to PJ Media. A native of Long Island, he was educated at the City University of New York and Yale University, and has also written for The Daily Telegraph of London and The Weekly Standard. Outside of opinion writing, he has worked as a professional historian for a major research laboratory and university, documenting the history of biotechnology since the 1970s. He has also reported for both weekly and daily newspapers, including Newsday. He maintains a personal blog/website at Follow him on Twitter @RobertWargas
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