Every day, you need to ask yourself: What Would Breitbart Do?

And then do it.

Too many bloggers and pundits are responding to Breitbart’s passing with an air of resignation and deflation. Instead, we should look to him as an inspiration, a model of how we all should act. That’s what Andrew would want.

Imagine not one Andrew Breitbart smashing the status quo on a daily basis, but a million Andrew Breitbarts. (Heck, I’d be satisfied with a hundred, but following my own blandishments, I’m reaching for the stars.) The oppressive, smothering narrative chokehold of the entrenched media-political-academic monopoly would be decisively broken once and for all.

And so I mark Breitbart’s death by announcing The Million Breitbart Project. It has no official membership, no organizers, no infrastructure. The Million Breitbart Project is instead a state of mind. Every blogger and activist and citizen journalist must henceforth strive to emulate Breitbart’s verve and attitude in everything we do.

Don’t ask permission. Don’t take “No” for an answer, either from your inner pessimist or from anyone else.

Think strategically. Act boldly. To do otherwise would be an insult to Breitbart’s memory and show that we didn’t learn the lesson of his too-brief life.