Gingrich continued, “This is the other difference between Mitt Romney and I. I love people power and not money power. And I need people power to win.”

As Newt and his entourage arrived at the plane hangar, a small press gaggle formed around the Gingrich asking him to respond to Romney’s attacks. Gingrich made brief remarks that were barely audible to most of the press corps before walking away — his campaign canceled a press availability that was scheduled to take place before the event.

Newt finished his closing argument with voters by stating, “Re-electing Barack Obama will be disaster of the first order and we have to defeat him. The question is who is best to defeat him? We nominated a moderate in 1996 and 2008 and we lost. He [Romney] is more liberal than both those candidates.”

Gingrich will visit polling places on Tuesday in the Orlando area while Romney will make one stop in Tampa before holding his primary night rally at the Tampa Convention Center.

(Watch Alexis Garcia reporting from Tampa at PJTV.)