As you’ll see in the video, Romney allows the back and forth to continue for a bit until a man in the crowd comes up with the one line to which the occupiers had no response at all:

“Go to work!”

The occupiers wanted to create a disturbance, but they ended up unifying the audience and making their target look good. That’s bad stagecraft on their part.

A few minutes later, I saw a camera crew interviewing the lead occupier outside Competitive Edge’s building. He was exactly what you would expect: Young, unkempt, evidently unaccomplished. He told the interviewers that he and his friends were there to get their point of view across to contradict Romney’s “support for all these wars.”

The occupiers’ point of view was obvious enough tonight. They’re children, unable to comprehend or accept that not everyone agrees with them. They go for the heckler’s veto, trying to embarrass and shout down opposition. They tried to disrupt the Romney campaign’s carefully planned stagecraft. But at this event, they were owned by an anonymous man in the crowd.

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