Resident Evil: Extinction is a surprisingly entertaining action picture — and much better than the two previous films in the series, both of which should be skipped. I haven’t seen the fourth and fifth films but it wouldn’t surprise me if both suck. They probably just got lucky with this one.

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5. Tea Partiers are expected to invest their time, money, and emotions in fatally-flawed campaigns.

“Many analysts cited by the New York Times, Washington Times and other prominent media sources continue to blame the Republican defeat in 2008 on the millions of conservative true believers who allegedly stayed home rather than vote for the notorious ‘RINO’ (Republican In Name Only) John McCain.”

Medved makes this argument as an artful refutation of a claim no one of consequence makes: if Romney is elected then it won’t be with Tea Partiers’ votes. This is another variation of the establishment Republicans’ condescending caricature of the apocalyptic Tea Party simpleton. Perhaps Medved thinks that Glenn Beck listeners won’t vote for Romney because we’re prepared to sit out the Obamalypse in bunkers with our dehydrated food, gold, and dog-eared back issues of Soldier of Fortune.

Actually Medved is clever to do this because it avoids the serious issue: many conservatives will be less enthusiastic to give their money, time, and emotions to Mitt Romney. They’ll certainly vote for him in the general election, but Team Mitt is likely to have a rougher time transforming Tea Partiers into meaningful Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) operations and fund-raisers.

Is that because conservatives don’t want Romney to beat Obama? No, it’s because (for reasons I’ll explain) they don’t expect victory. But who knows, maybe we’ll just get lucky with this one.

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