Even if you accept that developing countries might have missed out on an infinitesimal percentage of U2′s millions, that’s been more than outweighed by the millions raised by benefit gigs in which the band has been involved, while Bono personally has done much to encourage action by world leaders, even if he’s at times guilty of over-simplifying the issues. He’s also, compared with other celebrity activists, commendably apolitical, having praised George W. Bush for his AIDs prevention initiatives.

Glastonbury being what it is these days, the protest was quickly snuffed out by security staff with an efficiency that would not have looked out of place on the streets of Tehran, Damascus or Beijing. The festival used to be very much a counter-culture affair, a Mecca for activist organizations such as Art Uncut. Now it’s all about corporate tie-ins, wall-to-wall coverage on the BBC and middle-class kids in designer *wellies (it always rains at Glastonbury).

The only problem for Bono is that he got there about 30 years too late, and a couple of hundered million dollars too rich.

*Wellies are Wellington boots — galoshes

PJM FLASHBACK: Dear Bono: Get Your Facts Straight