Then in September 2009, Seattle resident Omar Mohamud carried out another suicide attack targeting African Union troops. Two stolen UN vehicles were used in that attack, which killed twenty-one people. As the Associated Press noted, Abdirahman Warsame was the first to note Mohamud’s identity.

And just last September, I reported here at PJ Media that a top al-Shabaab commander killed in fighting Somali TFG troops in Mogadishu was Columbus, Ohio resident Dahir Gurey. Again, it was Abdirahman Warsame who first reported Gurey’s U.S. origins. Now we have reliable, but so far unconfirmed, reports of another Somali-American suicide bomber from Minneapolis.

The problem of radicalization and jihadization of young American Muslim men, particularly in the Somali community, is now evident to everybody. The much-maligned radicalization hearings held by the House Homeland Security Committee in March included the uncle of one of the young men from Minneapolis who had been killed in Somalia.  Let’s also not forget that last November, Portland college student Mohamed Osman Mohamud was caught in a FBI sting attempting to blow up a VBIED at the Portland Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. The problem is clearly not diminishing but increasing. Yet as I recently reported here, the U.S. government continues to conduct “outreach” to the very individuals responsible for radicalizing these youths and recruiting them for jihad. How long before one of these American suicide bombers will return home and kill Americans?