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Ex-President Carter bombs in Pyongyang

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Dan Miller

Ex-President Carter did not do himself proud in Pyongyang. Dear Leader Kim Jong-il didn’t meet with him and summoned him back after he had left for the airport to carry an “important message.”

The important message was delivered by a foreign ministry official, not Kim Jong Il. The official read out a written message from the Dear Leader, stating Kim’s willingness for “unconditional talks” for the nuclear issue and holding a summit with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak — neither of which are new proposals.

“Carter was used by North Korea like a fool,” said Toshimitsu Shigemura, an expert on North Korea at Waseda University in Tokyo.

“Firstly, he couldn’t meet Kim Jong Il. Secondly, there was no progress on the nuclear standoff. Thirdly, he just brought with him a message by Kim Jong Il to the outside world, as if he were a messenger of North Korea,” Shigemura said, adding that the only reason North Korea hosted Carter was in an attempt to draw food aid from the United States.

Oh well. Ex President Carter may not care much about losing face — for himself or for the United States.  Might he not even understand the concept? It’s not peanuts in Asia.

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Tony Katz owns Contessa Brewer, ‘race-ers’ on MSNBC

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

PJTV host, radio host and Tatler blogger Tony Katz got a turn at bat on MSNBC, and hit a home run.

YouTube Preview Image

CONTESSA BREWER, MSNBC HOST: That’s what a lot of people are saying it’s not a laughing matter. They say that there are questions about him, not because there really are questions about where he is born, but because he is black. […]

KATZ: But this whole idea of race, you know what, if there are birthers and they’re all crazy and silly for actually wanting to see a birth certificate, well let’s talk about the racers, the people who believe that everything is a conspiracy about race. It’s Obama’s race that people want to see the birth certificate. It’s Obama’s race that people don’t like the out of control spending. It’s not his race. It’s that he’s awful. The policies are terrible. ObamaCare is a lie and a failure. QE1 and QE2 didn’t work. It’s crazy.

As you’ll see in the clip, Brewer tried to make the case that the quest for the birth certificate was all about race because, hey, Bush’s critics didn’t ask him for one! No, they just called him “Hitler” and fabricated a smear on his military service.

The obvious answer to Brewer’s accusation: Bush’s father wasn’t a Kenyan communist, and Bush didn’t end up living in Indonesia for years. The Bush history, which was already very well known before he ever ran for president (he’d been governor of Texas and owned a baseball team, for goodness sake) doesn’t beg any sort of questions about citizenship, while Obama’s does. Pretty simple, not about race, but that’s not good enough for Brewer. Katz sends it into the bleachers.

KATZ: They didn’t say it was race. Everything that comes out of the racers, and they exist – the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post”, some people at your very network, and you know I enjoy having these conversations with you. They are so focused. Everything is about race. It’s not about race. When we talk about Obama and the policies, it’s about the awful policies. It’s about the inability to bring down debt. It’s about the inability to tackle the deficit. And when everybody says, “Oh, they’re just after this because of race,” it is nonsense. It’s a way to stop people from having conversation. Political correctness at its worst. If we want to talk about the issues, let’s talk about the issues.

Well done, Tony.

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Sharia Law in the United States

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Dan Miller

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Richard Callahan, assured Muslims on April 29th that “the Obama Administration would likely step in on behalf of Sharia law should any state try to ban it.” This may be of interest because various laws are pending in many states to prohibit or limit the application of Sharia Law in their courts.

Much depends on what a state law actually does. If parties to a judicial proceeding agreed freely and contractually to be bound by arbitration, the court concludes that they did so and that the arbitration procedures do not contravene requirements under state law, then it’s probably acceptable for the parties to be governed by their arbitration agreement. However, significant problems can arise when a judge has to analyze the suitability or findings of an arbitration proceeding — or for that matter anything else — under Sharia Law. With no background or training in Sharia Law, he would have to rely quite heavily on the expert testimony of “Islamic scholars.” In the event of disagreement between two experts, how could he decide which if either might be right? Both might be right or both might be wrong.  Indeed, it is argued here in support of the use of Sharia Law that

There is no one thing called sharia. A variety of Muslim communities exist, and each understands sharia in its own way. No official document, such as the Ten Commandments, encapsulates sharia. It is the ideal law of God as interpreted by Muslim scholars over centuries aimed toward justice, fairness and mercy.

State laws concerning inquiry into the circumstances under which an arbitration agreement was entered into should be followed.  Arbitration agreements (as well as contracts in general) specifying the applicability of Sharia Law are properly treated differently than those specifying the applicability of, for example, California law.  While the laws of California may be “foreign” in Virginia, making it difficult for a Virginia court to deal with a contract expressly requiring that issues arising under it be resolved under California law, courts do so frequently. The laws of the fifty-seven fifty states are not terribly different and are more readily understandable by a judge trained only in the laws of the United States than is Sharia Law.

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Why is the White House concerned with the SF Chron’s lame coverage when blogs already had the full story?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Zombie

Drudge is currently trumpeting the spat between the Obama White House and the San Francisco Chronicle over the Chronicle‘s posting of a short 40-second video clip (which you can view in the link above).

The brief clip shows part of a protest song by the “Fresh Juice Party,” a small clique of wealthy liberals who paid $76,000 to attend an Obama fundraiser just so they could interrupt it with a whine about Bradley Manning.

PJ Media readers might be wondering: Why is the White House so upset? Zombie had already not only posted a detailed report ripping the lid off Obama’s entire fundraising trip, but also included a much more complete video taken at the same event which immortalizes the entire song, along with a transcription of the lyrics and Obama’s exchange with the protesters.

All the SF Chronicle did was publish a small subset of what bloggers like me had already covered in full. So — what’s the big deal?

The deal, according to the White House, is that the Chronicle went off the reservation. Having promised to publish only a (presumably praiseful) written description of Obama’s scripted speech, the Chronicle instead went all blog on Obama, revealing a peek behind the curtain.

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Video: Will you, dear UC Berkeley student, pay your share of the national debt?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

According to our intrepid reporter, each individual’s share of the national debt stands at about $47,000. According to this handy table, that’s just two years of expenses for a resident student. And it’s less than one year for non-resident students. So how about it, Berkeley Bears, will you pony up? Or if not, how about supporting cutting federal spending?  Oh — language warning for the guy near the end who would have us know that he’s not a fan of the US military.

YouTube Preview Image

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MSNBC & CNN Perpetuate the Meme that Obama is Powerless to Lower Gas Prices

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Owen Brennan

I just watched CNN do a full block where the guests and the host declared Obama impotent and unable to impact the price of gas. CNN contributor Roland Martin looked straight in the camera and blamed Americans for the price of gas (after an amusing line about the possibility of tapping into Trump’s hot air as an alternative energy source).

We hear this argument every day now. I tweeted about Chris Matthews and MSNBC buying into it yesterday. And it’s wrong.

This is a repost of an interview where PJTV’s Alexis Garcia interviews the Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper about what can be done by President Obama, right now, to lower gas prices.

If you hear somebody regurgitate the liberal meme that the President is powerless to lower gas prices, please send them this video.

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Krauthammer pities the fool who calls him fool

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

Among the many headlines Donald Trump generated this past week, he insulted Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer, calling him a “sad fool.” Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller caught up with Dr. K and asked him about the fracas.

YouTube Preview Image

LEWIS: Yesterday, he said you were a ‘sad fool.’

KRAUTHAMMER: Well he’s completely wrong, I’m a very happy guy. And what made me particularly happy yesterday, he said I had attacked him because I was seeking publicity. Which, coming from Donald Trump, is very amusing.

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Gun Rights in America: Glenn Reynolds at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Owen Brennan

Glenn Reynolds and the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre talk about what’s made the 2nd Amendment stronger than ever, and how PJTV plays an important role in defending gun rights in America. .

But LaPierre warns, “I look at this 2012 election. It could break the back of the 2nd Amendment in this country. When you look at the Supreme Count, it hangs by only one vote. President Obama, despite paying lip service to the 2 amend put Sotomayoer and Elana Kegan on th eCounrt, who will spend the next 25 year to gut this freedom.”

Watch the complete interview from the NRA’s Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

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SF Chron: The White House is still lying about banning our reporter

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

Or, they told me that if I voted for McCain, we would get an arrogant administration that would mistreat the press, lie, and then double down on the lie to control the narrative…and they were right!

In a pants-on-fire moment, the White House press office today denied anyone there had issued threats to remove Carla Marinucci and possibly other Hearst reporters from the press pool covering the President in the Bay Area.

Chronicle editor Ward Bushee called the press office on its fib:

Sadly, we expected the White House to respond in this manner based on our experiences yesterday. It is not a truthful response. It follows a day of off-the-record exchanges with key people in the White House communications office who told us they would remove our reporter, then threatened retaliation to Chronicle and Hearst reporters if we reported on the ban, and then recanted to say our reporter might not be removed after all.

The Chronicle’s report is accurate.

The post concludes: “Messy ball now firmly in White House court.” Indeed it is.

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“Dude, where’s my recovery?” Answer: Germany

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Roger L Simon

“Dude, where’s my recovery?” Glenn Reynolds rightly asks, referring to the anemic growth and employment figures in the US of A.

Answer: Germany, which has just recorded its LOWEST unemployment rate since 1992! From Reuters:

German unemployment fell more than expected in April to a near two-decade low, adding to signs of strength that contrasted with worsening data from other euro zone countries.

The seasonally adjusted figures from the Federal Labour Office showed the number of jobless fell by 37,000, bringing the total to 2.97 million, its lowest point since June 1992.

Why are the Germans doing so well while we and many other Western countries are screwing up? Think back to this report from 2009 – Merkel spurns Obama stimulus plan:

Forget Nicolas Sarkozy. Ignore Gordon Brown. Angela Merkel, taking advantage of Germany’s economic heft, is now the European Union’s dominant figure. And leaders from Warsaw to Washington had best not forget it.
Just as the German chancellor vetoed a bailout for eastern Europe on March 1, she is now leading European opposition to US President Barack Obama’s call for a global pump-priming package. She’ll determine the fate of a $6.4 billion infrastructure proposal at an EU summit in Brussels later this week. “It’s Merkel who holds the key to the cashbox, and she doesn’t want to give it up,” says Jean-Dominique Giuliani, chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a research center in Paris.

Merkel’s rejection of more stimulus touched off the first trans-Atlantic clash of the Obama administration and led critics to say she risks deepening the global recession.

Well, who was right – Merkel or Obama? How many more days of this stuffed-shirt, nitwit?

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Federal government busy protecting you from dangerous criminals (NOT!)

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by Howard Nemerov

A “yearlong sting” has resulted in the federal government going to court to stop a dangerous violator of federal interstate commerce law.

The violation? Rainbow Acres Farm, in Pennsylvania, has been selling “contraband” raw milk to willing customers in DC and Maryland.

The FDA believes “raw milk should never be consumed” because it could contain harmful bacteria.

(Sound familiar? Guns should be banned because innocent people could get hurt.)

No cases were cited where Rainbow Acres customers became ill.

Curiously, raw milk is important to the left, but the only news agencies reporting this story are the “right-wing” Washington Times and England’s Daily Mail. (Yeah, Fox Snooze blogged it, complete with an unrelated picture of government agents breaking down a door.) Is this because of customers’ outrage resulting against the government for thuggish behavior? This could cause mental disintegration for big-government liberals. Or is it their centers of feeling crashing into their self-esteem?

Meanwhile, the ATF is busy supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels. At least they don’t have RAW MILK there!!!

Meanwhile, Boehner & Company made no budget cuts to the FDA or ATF.

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Don’t go near The Waters

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by The Tatler

According to Politico, Maxine Waters ethics case [is] going nowhere:

Five months after her ethics trial was postponed and the investigation reopened, the ethics case against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) remains in limbo.

The delay has been caused by turnover among members and staffing problems at the House Ethics Committee, including the failure so far of Reps. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) and Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) — the chairman and ranking Democrat of the secretive panel — to hire a new staff director and chief counsel.

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John Kerry still hearts Assad

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 - by The Tatler

From the Boston Globe:

Kerry, a leading proponent of the Obama administration’s controversial attempt to improve relations with Syria, has publicly warned Assad not to kill his own people. But Kerry has not called for him to step down, as he did with embattled leaders in Egypt and Libya.

As recently as last month, the Massachusetts Democrat said he remained optimistic that Assad would usher in an era of warmer relations and reform.

“I personally am very, very encouraged,’’ Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told an audience at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington-based think tank. His remarks were made March 16, the day after protests broke out in Syria. “I have been a believer for some period of time that we could make progress in that relationship.’’

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The best things in life are free… or almost

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Roger L Simon

The stars belong to everyone. And maybe the “cloud” too…. meaning the Apple Cloud. According to Appleinsider, Apple is moving away from its paid MobileMe service to something called iCloud where users of iPhones, iPads and Macs will be able to store just about everything (music, videos, photos) and have it all instantly accessible wherever they go. And it will all be for free…. er, for now. Once we’re hooked (and we will be), the gang in Cupertino will start charging for some of this. Well, it’s American way, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, The Ink Spots:
YouTube Preview Image

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Negotiations: Vindicating Israel

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Roger L Simon

A must-read article by Gil Hoffman in the JPost vindicates Israel in the ongoing debate about who killed the 2008 peace talks between Abbas and Olmert:

But a new reading of the documents by a Christian organization in the United States found that unlike the way they were reported, the Palestine Papers actually proved the Israeli point of view correct on all the key issues.

Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East – which bills itself as a liberal, non-Evangelical Christian (mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic) organization focused on bringing facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict to American churches – had a team of researchers read through all of the 1,700 Palestine Papers.

If there ever was a “Read It All,” this is it.

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Obama the wimp slaps Assad’s wrist

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Roger L Simon

From Reuters:

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order earlier on Friday imposing new sanctions against Syria’s intelligence agency and two relatives of Assad in response to a crackdown on protests, senior US officials said.

Assad was not among those targeted for the sanctions, which will include asset freezes and bans on US business dealings, but he could be named later if violence by government forces against pro-democracy protesters continues, the officials said.

He could be named. Uh-oh. How many more people does he have to kill first? The Grand Reactionaries of the Obama Administration – who did everything in their power to push Mubarak, an ally, out – can’t move themselves to act against a far more villainous gangster who for decades has oppressed not only his own people but Lebanon as well and is the enabler of Hezbollah and Hamas and the friend of the mullahs.

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Fox expert says Obama birth certificate is legit

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

The other day, the day the president finally stopped his million dollar posturing and released his birth certificate, I took a look at the layers issue and found, first, that yes the president’s BC is a layered file, and second, that OCR technology explains how it got that way.

Well, Fox News has found a doc expert who more or less agrees with my analysis.

The doubters have latched onto the idea that Adobe Illustrator — the premier program for computer graphic artists — “reveals” evidence of document manipulation in the Obama birth certificate. They note Illustrator reveals nine separate layers of the document, and claim it’s “proof” the file has been altered.

But that’s not so, says Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and teaching Adobe Illustrator. …

Tremblay explained that the scanner optical character recognition (OCR) software attempts to translate characters or words in a photograph into text. He said the layers cited by the doubters shows that software at work – and nothing more.

“When you open it in Illustrator it looks like layers, but it doesn’t look like someone built it from scratch. If someone made a fake it wouldn’t look like this,” he said.“Some scanning software is trying to separate the background and the text and splitting element into layers and parts of layers.”

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(Some) California lawmakers say it’s time to emulate Texas

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

I spend a fair number of posts here poking at California politics for its backward, leftist, overtaxing ways (see here, for instance). Call it tough love — Texas has broad shoulders but we can’t and don’t want to carry the US economy all by ourselves. We need the other large states to leave the left behind and rediscover capitalism and liberty. So it’s good to see that some California politicos are willing to learn from us rowdy hayseeds.

SACRAMENTO – Reflecting on lessons learned on a two-day trip to Texas, Assembly Republicans said Thursday that California needs to follow the Lone Star State’s model of lower taxes and fewer regulations to keep the economy growing.

Republican lawmakers led a delegation of California representatives to meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, also a Republican. They also spoke to business owners about why they left California.

Also making the trip were two Democrats, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani, D-Atwater. Galgiani’s 17th Assembly District takes in portions of central Stockton and all of Tracy.

It’s those last two who probably needed to learn the most. Here’s hoping they did, because in just about every way you look at it, California needs to find a way to avoid economic disaster. But it sounds like the man who most needed to come east stayed home in Sacramento.

California faces a remaining $15.4 billion budget deficit after Gov. Jerry Brown signed $11.2 billion in spending cuts and fund transfers. Brown wants a special election to extend the state sales, income and vehicle taxes for five years.

Without the taxes, California will face severe cuts to public schools, universities and public safety, the governor said.

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British gun control is sexist

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Howard Nemerov

The Brits know how to keep their women under control.

After imposing draconian gun control in 1997, the next decade saw about a 60% increase in the rape rate. Where women used to be safer than in the U.S., British women are now raped about twice as often as here in gun-toting USA.

It’s still possible to own a shotgun, especially if you live in rural areas, which brings us to today’s lesson.

Tracy St. Clair Pearce lives with her brother on their farm. Tracy “has been given months to live after breast cancer spread to her spine.”

She was out working when 18 motor homes arrived, and set up “illegally” on a neighboring property. When they started using chain saws to cut down trees for firewood, Tracy ordered them to leave, but the trespassers became violent. One threw a fence post at her and “threatened to slit her throat and slaughter her cattle.”

Then others in the group began getting aggressive towards Tracy, allegedly exposing themselves and throwing rocks.

Tracy retreated and called the police, who arrived in 35 minutes. They visited the camp but “were unable to find the teenager who had threatened her.”

They were, however, able to scold Tracy for being “aggressive” and “making threats.” As a result, they ordered her to forfeit her two shotguns, and took her firearms license to “prevent me buying another shotgun.”

Tracy’s now disarmed and permanently defenseless, with 18 loads of “victims” safe from the terminally ill woman next door.

At least they have GUN CONTROL there.

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Judge orders John Edwards to testify on his affair

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by The Tatler

The Silky Pony must talk.

The private testimony will come during a deposition set for June 20 as part of a civil suit brought by Hunter against Edwards’ former aide, Andrew Young.

Hunter has sued Young and his wife Cheri to force the return of a videotape that allegedly shows Hunter and Edwards having sex. Young says he found the tape while packing boxes in a home near Chapel Hill, North Carolina where Hunter lived with the Youngs for a time.

A February 8 deposition of Edwards was halted when his lawyers told him not to answer numerous questions posed by Young’s attorneys. Young’s attorneys filed a motion March 2 asking Superior Court Judge Carl Fox to compel Edwards to answer.

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Bill Whittle, Glenn Reynolds and How an Army of Davids Transformed Journalism

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Owen Brennan

Hope in the Wayback Machine with Glenn Reynolds and Bill Whittle to witness the birth of Instapundit and the entire Blogosphere.

YouTube Preview Image

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Germans arrest three al Qaeda suspects who posed ‘concrete and imminent danger’

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by The Tatler

The AP reports:

German police on Friday arrested three suspected members of the al-Qaida terrorist organization who officials say posed a “concrete and imminent danger” to the nation.

Authorities did not say whether the three had planned specific targets and offered few details, but security officials said that all three suspects were of Moroccan origin. They also said that two were arrested were in the western German city of Duesseldorf and one in nearby Bochum. The arrests were based on suspicion they were planning a terror attack, they said.

There have been no large-scale terrorist attacks in Germany during the post 9-11 war on terrorism, but back in March a German Muslim of Kosovar descent murdered two US airmen at the Frankfurt airport. And the Germans have been on alert for a Mumbai-style terrorist attack since last November.

Update: Libertarian Republican has more.

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Sainthood Sunday for an enemy of communism and champion of human dignity

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Christian Adams

That it happens on May Day is particularly delicious.  Nothing like some rain on a red parade.

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Libyan ground forces cross into Tunisia

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

The kinetic military action in the Middle East may be contagious.

Pro-Gaddafi forces fired shells into the town of Dehiba, damaging buildings and injuring at least one resident, and a group of them drove into the town in a truck, local people and a Reuters photographer in the town said.

“There were lots of clashes in the town this morning. Lots of gunshots. The Tunisian military clashed with Gaddafi’s forces … Some of Gaddafi’s people were killed,” said Reuters photographer Zoubeir Souissi from the town.

The Libyan government troops were pursuing anti-Gaddafi rebels from the restive Western Mountains region of Libya who fled into Tunisia in the past few days after Gaddafi forces overran the border post the rebels had earlier seized.

It’s worth remembering that the unrest engulfing the Middle East first came to light in Tunisia, where protesters eventually overthrew the sitting president in January. It’s also worth a toss back to a Tatler post from a few days ago, about Gaddafi’s Algerian-backed mercenaries originating from Morocco. This civil kinetic action could go regional if the wrong things continue to happen.

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POLIWOOD: Atlas gets Shrugged off – What can we learn?

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Roger L Simon

In the latest Poliwood - Atlas gets Shrugged off: what can we learn – Lionel Chetwynd and I try not to beat a dead, or dying, horse and offer up what we hope is some constructive criticism regarding the Atlas Shrugged movie. Making films is hard. We know because we’ve made more than our share of bad ones, at least I have (won’t speak for Lionel here). But the truth is, as I say on the show, conservatives (or libertarians or Ayn Randians) have to be better than liberals in film in order to succeed and get their messages through. It’s not fair – but that’s the way it is. So much as we could have pretended to like Atlas Shrugged because its intentions are good, that would be a poor strategy in the long run. Have a look at the new Poliwood and see if you agree with us.

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Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli to King and Spalding law firm: You’re fired!

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Christian Adams

Here is the letter Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli sent to Atlanta law firm King and Spalding after the firm dumped the defense of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).  Recall first that Eric Holder abandoned his job to defend federal statutes so the House hired Paul Clement at King and Spalding.  When King and Spalding caved to pressure, Clement resigned and continued the defense of the law elsewhere.  Now the Virginia AG, famous for beating back Obamacare, returns the favor, and fires King and Spalding from any representation of Virginia.  Perhaps other Attorneys General and clients may follow suit.  Paging Sam Olens.

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Offended carnival workers seek cotton candy summit with Obama: ‘We’ll let him in for the kid’s price.”

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

In which carnival barkers reject the tag that a thoughtless president tossed at them.

When discussing the lingering “birther” controversy, Obama remarked: “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

Many in the carnival community were not amused by the mention of their industry.

“I am extremely upset by the reference,” said Frank Zaitshik, who runs Wade Shows, a carnival business with over 100 amusement rides and attractions that entertains over 15 million people each year.

Zaitshik, a second generation carnival worker — a term he prefers to the word “carny,” which is used as a pejorative — has spent much of his life battling negative stereotypes about his industry.

Another would have the leader of the free world know that “barkers” is really a pretty dated reference, champ.

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An opportunity in Libya?

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Austin Bay

Gadhafi is now fighting a war on five fronts. I’m aware that The Washington Institute describes the situation as a two-front war with the western front having several “compartments.” Over the last ten days the situation has clarified. In a column I wrote this past Tuesday I suggested Gadhafi now has five fronts. Cyrenaica (eastern Libya), the Nafusa Mountains (Berber region south of Tripoli) and Misurata (besieged western city) are the most active. Misurata could be described as a compartment but it is so vital and requires so many resources on Gadhafi’s part that you can make a case it is (at the moment) Gadhafi’s main effort. In March, Gadhafi suppressed uprisings in the western cities of Zuwara and Zawiya (near the coast, between Tripoli and the Tunisian border). However, opposition simmers in the region. He must assign police and garrison forces to watch the region. So that’s four ground fronts that require attention. He must divide his forces.

Gadhafi’s fifth front is the NATO/coalition air front. Is it a front ? NATO airpower smashed his air force. In the column I wrote Tuesday I noted that the addition of Hellfire missile-armed Predators puts increased psychological pressure on Gadhafi and his senior henchmen. With Predators lurking he’ll now have to think twice before he tools around Tripoli in a convertible posturing for television cameras. He did that a couple of weeks ago, to show the world he’s macho. As my column notes, Great Britain’s defense secretary openly discussed striking command and control centers. I report, you decide: Does Gadhafi’s convertible would qualify as a command and control center? Colonel Gadhafi seems to think so. His propagandists accused NATO of planning an assassination.

Back to the ground fronts: Today news broke that Tunisian forces have detained pro-Gadhafi fighters who crossed the Tunisia-Libya border while pursuing Libyan rebels.

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By George (Soros): Think Progress blames tornado outbreak on southern GOP voters

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

Apparently it’s not just Barack Obama who doesn’t care about southern people. With the death toll around three hundred from a tornado outbreak that spanned an area from eastern Texas to Virginia, the Soros funded bloggers at Think Progress are placing the blame squarely on the victims (via Datechguy):

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

Disgusting, and yet revealing. These people are reveling in the misfortune of their countrymen. What the congressional delegations of those states actually rejected was cap and trade, the left’s latest scam on the American taxpayer and industrial base. But never mind that.

It’s not just the “Think” Progress bloggers who are hating on the dead. From commenter FactsLeanLeft:

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Trump f-bombs his way through Vegas

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

One thing about Donald Trump has become very clear: He would never go Galt. He would also never get a job as a Sunday School teacher. Speaking in Las Vegas last night, the Donald gave John Kerry a run for his cursing money.

We can debate all day whether it’s presidential to speak like this or not. I happen to think it’s not, but after the Nixon tapes, a pair of episodes with then VP Dick Cheney and “Captain Kickass,” this isn’t likely to sink Trump’s run.

What might sink him, at least among GOP primary voters, is the Smoking Gun’s look at Trump and the Vietnam war.

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Federalizing the Chicago Way in government contracting

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Christian Adams

PJ Tatler contributor Hans von Spakovsky has this piece today at the Washington Examiner relating to the leaked Obama executive order to politicize federal contracting first reported at PJM.  The executive order would, by edict, overrule a Supreme Court opinion.  But it has a more sinister result, according to von Spakovsky:

“What is really going on here is a transparent attempt to introduce political gamesmanship into the government contracting business by the Obama administration. It is a cynical attempt to use the guise of reform to achieve political goals at the cost of the liberty that all Americans have to participate in the political process, and to voice their political opinions, without fear of retribution to themselves and their businesses.”

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Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored the 1987 Pro-Fairness Doctrine Bill

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Seton Motley

The so-called Fairness Doctrine is the anti-First Amendment now unenforced Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule which chilled free speech on the radio from its FCC creation in 1949 until the Commission voted to stop its enforcement in 1987.

The Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1987 (H.R. 1934) sprung up immediately after this latter vote to try to turn the Doctrine into law.  Then Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich was one of its 71 co-sponsors.

I can’t for the life of me find the final vote, so I do not know if Gingrich voted for it – though it would be a might strange for someone to co-sponsor a bill and then not say Aye.

I did find a pro-Fairness Doctrine video that says the bill passed the House by a 3-1 margin – and that Gingrich voted for it.

It also passed the Senate – but President Ronald Reagan thankfully then broke out his veto pen.

This was all of course in the midst of the dark days of the Republicans’ 40+ years spent wandering in the House Minority wilderness, so there was rarely any need for any Elephant to sponsor anything – they were an irrelevant species.

The makeup of the 100th Congress was in fact 258 Democrats (59.3%) and just 177 Republicans (40.7%) – an overwhelming Donkey Majority.

Gingrich was not the lone Republican co-sponsor of the Fairness Doctrine – there were a total of twenty-one.  Including several names you’ll know – conservatives (Illinois’ Henry Hyde and Phil Crane, California’s Bob Dornan) and…not so much (Mississippi’s Trent Lott).

Make of Gingrich’s co-sponsorship what you will – in the context of some of his other unconservative actions (Dede Scozzafava, his pro-global warming commercial with Democrat then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and his saying that his philosophy could “involve a very activist government” to name but a few).

Behold the full Republican co-sponsor list.

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The future king and England

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

So begins the thoroughly British hymn, by the eccentric genius William Blake, that featured in the royal wedding, and captures to some extent an England that until today seemed to have vanished from the earth. The old England was bold enough to wonder if the Son of God once stood where they stand. The England of late has seemed to wonder why it still stands at all.

I’ll confess to having watched the royal nuptials today with an amused cynicism. I wasn’t even up for the wedding, but for a radio interview, and couldn’t sleep afterward. I hoped the ceremony would cure my insomnia, but it didn’t. There is plenty to be cynical about in all the massive ceremony and sanctimony, and as a Protestant and a Texan I see mostly reasons to disbelieve in it all. The big funny hats, the vastly crowded yet empty cathedral, the notion of royalty itself — all of it. The current crop of royals didn’t earn their lofty places in life of course; they were born to them, as were the millions of subjects of their tarnished crown. And many in that family have turned out to be an unaccomplished bunch, figurehead aristocrats over a country that has fallen from proud empire to a multi-culti state of such wounded self-image that it keeps its most virulent and murderous critics on the public dole. The king in waiting, Charles, seems content to be a fringe figure mouthing platitudes about the glories of Islam, while the functional head of England’s official church and who presided over today’s events at Westminster is not exactly a staunch defender of the faith. But then again, the church he heads was founded for no other purpose than to get a king out of an inconvenient marriage, and its founding stands upon the severed heads of better men such as Sir Thomas More. So, yes, there is a lot to be cynical about in all this.

But the future King William and the people of Britain sent a signal through the noise that things might be turning around. William wore a bright red tunic, festooned with some significant symbols.

Prince William’s decision to wear the red tunic of the Irish Guards on his wedding day has reportedly disappointed some of his Royal Air Force colleagues. Only the helicopter wings above his left breast will denote his role his role as an officer in the RAF.

But his choice will provide an immense boost for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, which is currently on operational deployment in Helmand province, Afghanistan. As the Queen prepares for her visit to Ireland, it is also a smart diplomatic move.

The prince’s uniform and the military ceremony today serve as a poignant reminder that, while the nation’s attention is directed towards a historic event at Westminster Abbey, the Armed Forces – including some of Prince William’s fellow officers in the RAF – are risking their lives in Libya and Afghanistan.

This England uninvited the bloody Syrians from the wedding at the last minute, and good for them. The future king’s subjects crowded London’s streets and seemed to reclaim it from the retrograde forces of Londonistan, at least for a while. A sea of Union Jacks waved from nearly every hand, a sign that the old national pride is not quite extinguished, not yet. As for the Duke of Cambridge, he is certainly his father’s son, but maybe not, in the one way that might matter most.

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Former Assad champions Carter, Pelosi and Kerry are silent on Syrian atrocities

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Richard Pollock

As I mentioned in a post last month, our man in Damascus, Syria is none other than Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He has personally visited Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad a half dozen times over the last two years. Well before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Assad a “reformer,” Kerry was Assad’s highest profile booster and lobbyist in the nation’s capital.

Since Assad has spilled blood in the streets of Syria, however, Kerry has been silent.  He has had nothing to say since Syrian police and troops have been gunning down civilian, sealing off cities, cutting off food and electricity to protesting towns and closing the border with Jordan.  His staff told reporters he could not be reached because of the congressional recess.

Kerry is not alone. Other major liberals who have trekked to Damascus in support of he dictator also have remained quiet.  Among those who have personally visited and extolled him are former President Jimmy Carter and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi herself thumbed the nose of the U.S. State Department in August 2007 to travel to personally visit Assad.

All three figures have said nothing about Syrian atrocities. Actually, that’s not exactly right. Today former President Carter did raise human rights violations. It was not about Syria, however. Today, wrapping up his two day visit to Pyongyang, North Korea, he raised U.S. human rights violations — against the North Korean regime.

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Breaking News: The Archbishop of Canterbury has changed his robe!

Friday, April 29th, 2011 - by Bryan Preston

I’m up early for a pair of segments on WSVA in PA, and just couldn’t resist flipping on the tube to see this royal wedding that the whole media has been gushing about for weeks. Here’s a little footage I captured from the blessed event.

YouTube Preview Image

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