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David P. Goldman is a PJ Columnist who joined PJM in August 2011 after nearly 10 years of anonymous essaying at Asia Times Online and two years of editing and writing at First Things. He’s also the author of How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too), and the Wax Family Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

David’s career, which has been split between the financial and cultural worlds, gives him a unique perspective: “I’ve written extensively on cultural and religious matters. I also held senior jobs on Wall Street, including a gig as global head of bond research at Bank of America with 140 professionals reporting to me. My bifurcated career has given me an unusual opportunity to consider the most practical as well as the most speculative aspects of life.”

On his PJM blog, called “Spengler,” American exceptionalism is the continuing theme — not in the sense of self-congratulation, but the view that this “almost-chosen” country is utterly unique in the world:

The world will be a miserable and dangerous place without our leadership, strategic as well as economic. Most of the world’s cultures are failing, and if we forget what makes us different, we will suffer the same decline.

There are two things David hopes you will get out of his writing, one practical and one reflective:

PJ Media has given me a platform to provide information and analysis that the MSM doesn’t see fit to print, and it also provides the setting for a serious discussion of first principles. For example, the issues of religious freedom raised by the Obama administration’s attempt to force Catholic institutions to violate their basic principles. I hope readers get analysis along with advocacy they won’t easily find elsewhere, as well as the opportunity for reasoned dialogue in the comments section. I often participate actively in the online discussion, and am impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of reader contributions.

David’s blog is available at Take a minute to read his latest post now, and join the conversation in the comments section.