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Ron Radosh

Netanyahu Closes AIPAC with Powerful Rebuke of Iran, BDS Movement

March 4th, 2014 - 1:56 pm

On the issue of negotiations with the Palestinian authority, Netanyahu agreed that peace would be good for both sides. It could lead to developing ties with the other Arab nations, many of whose rulers realize now that Israel is not their enemy. They, in conjunction with the Gulf states, would catapult the economic and social development of the entire region forward, resolving major problems of both water supply and energy.

On that point, he was agreeing with the argument made earlier by Secretary Kerry. The lives of millions in the Middle East, he said, would be made better.

Netanyahu’s goal was a durable peace obtained by mutual recognition of both a Jewish state and a Palestinian one, in which the rights of all citizens would be guaranteed. But for that to work, the Palestinians had to “stop denying history,” and must be “prepared to recognize a Jewish state,” since territorial issues could be resolved but the right of the Jewish people for a state of their own was something that was beyond dispute. The Palestinians had to abandon the fantasy of flooding Israel with refugees or amputating the country, giving regions that were part of Israel back to the Palestinians. They had to offer “no excuses and no delays,” Netanyahu stated, and thus had to offer recognition to a Jewish state.

That might take decades to filter down to the Palestinian people, and thus any agreement had to guarantee long-term security arrangements on the ground that would protect both Israel and the peace treaty. Israel must, he said, “look for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Netanyahu said that knowing that previous international peacekeepers left when the going got tough, and proved ineffective. He realized that peace would come under attack from Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran, and thus they needed a force with which to defend their own Jewish homeland.

“I’m charged with protecting the security of my people, and I will never gamble with the security of the one and only Jewish state.” That force would be the IDF, since they would fight to defend their own homeland — unlike the so-called international peacekeepers who withdrew when threatened.

Turning to the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) he quipped that its letters should really stand for “Bigotry, Dishonesty, and Shame.” That movement, he said, would fail just as had the Arab boycott in Israel’s earlier days. But it needed to be vigorously opposed, because it was bad for peace and was just plain wrong. Its gullible fellow-travelers were supporting a movement whose leaders sought the dissolution of Israel, not peace or reconciliation. Its effect would be “to set back peace by hardening Palestinian positions.”

Moreover, BDS was “morally wrong.” Israel is a healthy democracy, in which its citizens regularly dissent and loudly make criticisms of Israeli policy within the country. It has a free press and protects all religions, including Christians, who are under attack elsewhere throughout the region.  BDS was not about criticism, but is an attempt to paint Israel as an illegitimate state, and is “nothing but a farce.”

At a time when other nations in the Middle East were sending academics to prison for their beliefs and hanging gays on cranes in public squares, BDS only called for sanctions on Israel, a nation in which professors are free to say and teach anything they want. It is the only nation that has full rights for gay people, has had women head three branches of government, and has a free press.

How, he asked, “can anyone fall for the BS in BDS?”

Netanyahu said he was not surprised, because throughout history people believed the most absurd things about Jews, and the most influential people had always spread lies about the Jewish people. The lies had become “ingrained in their consciousness,” and were part of “the long and dark chapter of anti-Semitism.” BDS thus had to be treated as we treat any form of anti-Semitism — be exposed and condemned. He supported those who argue that the BDS movement itself should be boycotted, and he applauded those who work to stop the BDS movement from succeeding.

America and Israel, he ended, have to stand together on the right side of history.

His speech was interrupted at many points by huge applause, and by many standing ovations. The largely Democratic members of AIPAC stood together with Republicans in defense of Israel and in support of the prime minister, whom the left-liberals, the members of J-Street, and the opponents of Israel regularly attack as a reactionary, a hawk, and a danger to Israel.

Those writers, who have recently argued that AIPAC’s role is diminishing and would be proved irrelevant, were clearly shortsighted. Its members were committed to intense lobbying and to keeping up the pressure on behalf of Israel and against those who seek its weakening or demise.

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Israel, go with God. Defend yourselves even though obama doesn't think you should. He is clearly a closet muslim.
47 weeks ago
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AIPAC should call a spade a spae and Obama-Kerry a bunch of liers.When Kerry just threatened israel with a third violent intifada if israel doesn't comply with the PLO-PA demands what kind of friend is Kerry ? Just another lier-cheater-traitor ; a thousands miles from an honest broker ! On Iran BhO-Kerry are giving them all the time and license to produce nukes, or very-close to nukes installations.This is exactly as if Chamberlain gave the nazis the right to produce zyklon gas but with the " promise " not to use it against the jews.We are in agrotesque world where the globalist agenda of the NWO is applied step-by-step by the smiling BhO and his bunch.Those liers will take any step to get rid of israel because in their wicked mind there is much more business to do 80 millions of backward iranians and 500 millions of arabs than with 7 millions of well-educated israelis.The american jews who support BhO are very similar to the " Judenrat " jews who helped the nazis organize the murder of their fellow people.
46 weeks ago
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Israel will always do what it needs to do, when it needs to do it. The days of Jews asking if it is OK to defend themselves has passed.
47 weeks ago
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It's hard to negotiate with an enemy who hides his intentions, wants your ultimate destruction and pretends to be for peace.

But enough about Obama and Kerry...the Palestinians are pawns in a game played by jihadists and leftists in concert.

There is no two state compromise. The Palestinians have nothing to give. The fact that this is about Palestinians is illusory. They are a prop.

Israel is forced to dance with shadows. It's all so disingenuous.

And Bush Derangement Syndrome has something more than initials in common with BDS. It's a sham, based upon a mountain of lies and slander.

Bibi always has the most clear head and tones down what has to be much stronger words that leap to his mind in dealing with Obama, his cabal and the depraved leftists who attack America and Israel...always from OUR house...never from the lands they pretend to advocate for. From here...not there.

Cowards and liars.

Next year in Jerusalem...if there is a Jerusalem...and if there is a next year.
47 weeks ago
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Remarking on the last paragraph: God, I sure hope so. However, it's easy to stand up and applaud...not so much to take action.
47 weeks ago
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Israel, go with God. Defend yourselves even though obama doesn't think you should. He is clearly a closet muslim.
47 weeks ago
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