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Ron Radosh

It is his second point that is most ridiculous. The truth, to use Rushdie’s words, is that Noam Chomsky in particular is a “crazy extremist.” If you have a doubt, I suggest you purchase a copy of the Encounter book edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, The Anti-Chomsky Reader, in which various authors make the case that Chomsky is basically a charlatan.

But even if that was not the case, Chomsky does not have to show much courage at all to take on all U.S. administrations and to oppose them as oppressors and imperialists. Indeed, he has become an international intellectual super-star, applauded and heralded by the Left at home and all of our enemies abroad, who shower him with high lecture fees and give him a gigantic audience abroad and at home. He is continually on the lecture circuit, has the support of both student audiences and assorted Hollywood and music world celebrities, and writes best-selling books, for which he has no problem finding a publisher. Bellowing “into the face of American power” is hardly an offense that has landed him even in any white-collar prison, not to speak of a Gulag or Gitmo.

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As for the knee jerk need to find a moral equivalence between US and its enemies, Martin Amis wrote eloquently about it here:

""We are drowsily accustomed, by now, to the fetishization of "balance,"
the ground rule of "moral equivalence" in all conflicts between West and
East, the 100 percent and 360-degree inability to pass judgment on any
ethnicity other than our own (except in the case of Israel)."

Martin Amis,, The Second Plane, September 11: Terror and Boredom_ (2008)
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The incident of the rock throwing professor did not take place on a " trip to the West Bank during the first intifada" but rather, on the Israeli-Lebanese border AFTER Israel withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 425, passed in 1978.

Here is a relatively impartial account of the incident, including Said's craven justifications for what was symbolically if not practically, a violent act:

And here is an image of the elegant rock thrower in the act:
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