And although Dreier takes up much time condemning me, he writes that my article on Piven “would have had little impact outside the right-wing blogosphere,” a claim he makes because the opposite is the case. That is why he cannot deal with what I write by answering my arguments, and prefers instead to compare my views and those of other critics like Stanley Kurtz to Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon — a familiar ploy of  leftists who throw out those names to stop people from considering other arguments.

I challenge Dreier to show me where I have ever compared “liberal Democrats to communists, socialists, radicals, subversives,” etc.

I must confess this has not been my first run-in with Dreier. Last year he emailed me calling me names and saying that the only reason I got up in the morning was so I could go shopping in Wal-Mart to exploit the poor! I admit I sometimes go to Wal-Mart, but certainly not to exploit the poor. I kid you not. I replied to him he should complain to his hero Bruce Springsteen, who on that very day had announced his newest CD would be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. Now Dreier can also complain to Michelle Obama, who is set to appear with Wal-Mart’s CEO in support of their healthy food campaign. I suspect, even with their policies on unions and health care, Dreier and his friends are more comfortable  shopping at Whole Foods.