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Films by Roger

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THE BIG FIX – Universal Studios, 1978 (Screenplay by Roger L. Simon based on his novel; nominated: Best Mystery Screenplay – Mystery Writers of America)

BUSTIN’ LOOSE – Universal Studios, 1981) (Screenplay by Roger L. Simon from a story by Richard Pryor)

MY MAN ADAM – Tri-Star, 1985 (Directed by Roger L. Simon; screenplay by Roger L. Simon & Renee Missel)

ENEMIES, A LOVE STORY – Morgan Creek, 1989 (Screenplay by Roger L. Simon & Paul Mazursky from the novel by Isaac Singer; nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award)

SCENES FROM A MALL – Disney, 1991 (Starring Bette Midler and Woody Allen; written by Roger L. Simon & Paul Mazursky)

LIES AND WHISPERS – Cinetel, 1998 (AKA Prague Duet; directed by Roger L. Simon; written by Sheryl Longin & Roger L. Simon; starring  Gina Gershon and Rade Serbedzija)