Blacklisting Myself – advance comments | Roger L. Simon

Roger L. Simon

Blacklisting Myself – advance comments

“Rueful, thoughtful, refreshingly direct, and full of juicy inside stories, Roger L. Simon’s memoir is the best and most intimate account of Hollywood’s politics yet published.”

John Podhoretz
Editor, Commentary Magazine


“Years ago, I read Roger Simon’s first mystery novel The
Big Fix and I was delighted. Roger was a left liberal
then and so was I. Now Roger’s politics and mine
have changed, but his gifts as a writer have only
grown richer. Blacklisting Myself is a story of
Hollywood and America, funny and perceptive at the
same time.”

Michael Barone
U.S. News & World Report
American Enterprise Institute


“When I read Roger L. Simon’s witty and riveting Blacklisting Myself, I felt as if I were reading the memoir of my own lost brother. This indispensable and entertaining book is the first to tell the true story of Hollywood and politics from the perspective of someone who actually lived it. “

Ron Silver, actor and activist