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Roger L. Simon

The Republicans’ Continued Public Relations Disaster

April 22nd, 2014 - 8:58 pm

Yes, the media and Hollywood and the academy are against us and millions of Americans are on the dole (therefore bought)… blablabla.  But the facts remain — at public relations, the right sucks.  The proof is, again, that on almost every issue — with the possible exception of same-sex marriage, and in that instance the GOP libertarian wing is an asset — the right has not just the upper hand, but the wildly superior upper hand with the public.  Liberal ideology is not only dead, it’s decomposed.  Nevertheless, even though Republicans have a good possibility with the Senate (they should have every seat), Hillary seems poised for the White House.

Time to wake up, n’est-ce pas?  But how to do it?

To begin with, time for Republican fat cats to realize that the media and Hollywood are really really important and open their wallets big time to change the playing field.  (They’ll also make money in the process, because that’s where there’s a giant under-served audience.)  Entertainment media are where minds are formed, especially those low-information voters everyone talks about incessantly.  Hate the media and Hollywood all you want, but until you take them over and/or co-opt them, things are only going to get worse — you can bank on it.

Fox News is fine, but it preaches primarily to the choir.  Something more is needed to do outreach to the middle of America. The Wall Street Journal, great as it is, and it is great, is only on the right on its editorial pages.  There are no large newspapers in the entire country with a reporting staff tilting right.  Think about that — no significant investigative reporting on the right.  (Well, a few folks at Fox like Catherine Herridge and Sharyl Attkisson, recently canned by the court eunuchs at CBS.)  This has to change.

We could even be stealthy about it. It’s not necessary to trumpet who we are.  We just have to do it.  If the Alinskyites can disguise themselves, we can too.  In fact, it should be easier for us because we have truth, honor and justice on our side.  We don’t have to broadcast we are conservatives or any other name.  We just have to tell it as it is.  How about starting today?

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I hear you, Roger.

The most shrill and strident voices come from the cultist left. But, the way Republicans behave when it comes to someone who is not their "favorite" is not far behind at times.

Purple and even light blue states are in play. The need to take the Senate and control both houses is of paramount importance. Those two sentences are simple facts...and yet, they will send some people into a leftist mimicry froth and rage.

You hit the nail on the head. The failure to articulate a clear, concise "on message" delivery of Republican ideals to the voter who isn't cemented in either party...not already "declared firmly" to a "side" a disaster in the making.

I happen to not trust Rand Paul. Allahpundit is finding a myriad of statements that indicate to me that he is much closer to his execrable father than he areas that turn me off completely.

However, Rand Paul is closer to my view against governmental tyranny than Hillary, Biden, Warren or any other traitor the left would advance for their overthrow attempt.

I don't like Christie much. His notions about global warming and Muslim outreach turn me off. However, the union scum that destroyed New Jersey were decimated by him. He is better than they are and anyone who says that there is "no difference" is myopic and puerile.

I like Scott Walker and love what he has done in Wisconsin. He has proved the point. He is not my choice for President and I think that he will be scorched, scorned and scalded by a lapdog media....portrayed as they do with anyone who can't be portrayed as evil, greedy, racist, rich. (Reagan, Ford, Bush 43 were portrayed as stupid)

I like Ted Cruz message and articulation. I like Jeff Sessions style and clear thinking. Sessions seems to be able to stay on message.

However, would I throw away control of the Senate if everyone doesn't mirror them, completely?

The notion is laughable. We are at a crossroads and need to coalesce around firm principles. Attacking internally ALL who don't adhere perfectly in line with DEMANDED fealty to EVERY SINGLE POINT ON EVERY SINGLE insane and inane.

We have to have a clear line on issues that matter...and allow for some divergence, especially in purple and blue states on issues that are secondary. If we say all issues are primary and none are secondary...we WILL throw away the last chance to save this nation from totalitarianism.

I prefer a strong, ardent, passionate defense of all things honorable. But anyone who says they would rather vote for the continued rape of our liberties because a guy ONLY votes 89% Republican...has no credibility, no sense and no honor.

Let's pick the issues where we say we will not bend. But let's not be puerile and say that ALL issues are beyond compromise in order to win the seats necessary to take control of the government that is now an enemy of the people.

And for those of us with a lick of sense...let's not roll over to the imbeciles who say that there is no difference between treason and timidity.

Run the strongest candidates possible. But take back the government from the traitors who are our enemies.
45 weeks ago
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"You don't need Strother Martin to realize that the GOP has a distinct failure to communicate."

Oh I must disagree. The problem too many Republicans have is the opposite. They have a distinct compulsion to communicate too much, as in communicating to their base, in ways both overt and subtle, but not nearly so subtle as to not be noticed, how much they hate them and how much they want to give amnesty/rewards to tens of millions or third world invaders. One might have thought they would have wanted to communicate that less well.

What they have is not "Failure to communicate", it's "Too much communication".

But at least now we clearly know, as we are not nearly as stupid as they think we are, as Subotai Bahadur said "The Institutional Republicans have no real differences with the Democrats, at least none worth arguing with them about".
45 weeks ago
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The Institutional Republicans are communicating as clearly as they can.

Actions always speak louder than words.

1) The Institutional Republicans have no real differences with the Democrats, at least none worth arguing with them about.

2) The Institutional Republicans have nothing in common with the party's base, or the American people as a whole. At least nothing to prevent attacking them at every opportunity.

3) The Institutional Republicans have no desire to win any elections that may happen in 2014 or 2016. If they win, they will have to govern. If they govern the way they want to, they will be decorating lamp posts.

4) So they are doing their best to drive off their detested base so that they will lose elections, thus Amnesty and Permanent Open Borders as the priority.

5) We can do nothing to influence either the Democrat or Institutional Republican enemies of our country. All we can do is punish them for their attacks.

Subotai Bahadur
45 weeks ago
45 weeks ago Link To Comment
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"Rather than dealing with these realities, both sides — establishment and Tea Party — spend their time aiming fusillades at each other. How infantile and suicidal."

Well no. Supporting the GOP establishment is suicidal, not recognizing they are part of the problem and not part of the solution is infantile.
43 weeks ago
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> The establishment remains super cautious, equivocating and boring while the Tea Party walks around pretending as if wearing a three-cornered hat and waving the Constitution

Somebody's gotta do it.

The Republican Party is not "failing to communicate." The Republican Party is the victim of its own contradictory impulses.

1. Like any group of politicians, the GOP loves big, intrusive and financially incontinent government and dislikes individual rights. It's human nature to love being rich and in charge.

2. However, the GOP has the distinct disadvantage of being the party whose constituents despise big, intrusive and financially incontinent government and love individual rights.

So the GOP has not quite perfected a strange little dance of pretending to agree with their base, while surreptitiously and enthusiastically supporting the liberal agenda when safely behind closed doors. Their "failures" to deliver what the constituents want are chalked up to their own incompetence -- i.e., the "Stupid" Party.

I used to believe that too. However, once I started granting them credit for having some intelligence, I decided that a better word than stupid is treacherous. This explains the GOP's otherwise inexplicable animosity toward the Tea Party, those horrible folks who actually believe the principles to which the GOP applies gobs of lip service.
44 weeks ago
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I don't understand why the GOP can be so STUPID when it comes to public relations. The Koch brothers donate to many causes that appeal across the board. Their contributions in the fields of science, the arts, and many other "causes" are huge. They are great benefactors and should be lionized for this rather than diminished. Obviously, they can afford public relations people but, I guess, they just don't care. Most of us benefit from their contributions.....Across the board.
44 weeks ago
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Basically the establishment is constantly re-acting to what Democrats are doing, and not leading. Tea Party is trying to get the establishment to agree more with them than with the Democrats. I like the Tea Party message but fart too many on our side argue against the TP message and not enough about the Democrats message. This includes Roger Simon, who can't seem to find anything he likes about the Tea Party, while the democrats, including his favorite, the Gays, bite him in the ass constantly.
44 weeks ago
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Every dollar spend on election ads should instead be spent on buying up media properties. Period.
45 weeks ago
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And School Choice, Privatization and Vouchers Funded Statewide that Follow the Child should be implemented in every state with a GOP legislature.

45 weeks ago
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Ever notice the similarity between D.C. and TV?
All we hear are commercials. Never the truth.
45 weeks ago
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The article makes a good point about the media. I wonder, how much would it really cost for a group of rich conservatives to take over a major network, or a major hollywood studio. I remember when Bill Cosby had enough money he was considering taking over NBC. It cant be that much more than what they wasted on the failed Romney campaign. In the old days L.B. Mayer of MGM was an anti communist who beleived in family pictures and loved capitalism, why cant we again get a hollywood studio chief like that.
45 weeks ago
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My summary of those posts I have read (about half), as contrasted to Roger's POV - the game is over. The corruption is endemic. The conservative message is now owned almost 100% by Tea Party types. These people are routinely demonized. Candidates that represent those values have a mild chance of making inroads at local and state levels; at the national level, they have basically none (this is my feeling, in any case). The close relationships between former Presidents - Bush/Clinton/Bush - and the cordial relationships, more or less, between them and BHO demonstrate that all the national-level players read from similar scripts. Both top Dems and Repubs view Tea Party types as the enemy, and each other as friendly rivals divvying up the pork. Is this all a conspiracy? Not in any direct, malevolent sense; but it is a reflection of a reality in which politicians, business, intelligence organizations etc., all mingle at the top levels. And those who would call 'BS' on the game, as it relates to a particular policy - thinking of people like Ralph Peters or John Bolton - are either insignificant or are marginalized. The 'elites' rule and the citizens line up for the crumbs. In practical terms, the Republic is mostly finished.
45 weeks ago
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"In practical terms, the Republic is mostly finished"

It aint over till fire's out, and the rope done stretched a piece...

45 weeks ago
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I have a saying: A well-told lie will always beat a poorly-told truth.

Conservatives say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch. You need to take care of yourself. Stay in school. Get married before you have kids. Get a job, any job, and work hard. Live within your means. Save for a rainy day. Don't be dependent on others," and so on.

Liberals say, "You are entitled to everything you want and if you vote for us, we'll give it to you by robbing those evil greedy capitalist corporations and fat cats. Who wants ice cream for breakfast?"

The Left has so completely succeeded in toxifying the Right that people reject common sense things just because it has the conservative or Republican (not the same thing!) label on it. Studies show that people support conservative ideas until they are labeled as Republican ideas at which point approval flips to disapproval. This is why people chose the proven failure Obama in 2012 over Romney - people have been trained to hate the rich unless they're pro jocks or celebs, then they're cool.
45 weeks ago
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Fine Roger. But be more specific.

"To begin with, time for Republican fat cats to realize that the media and Hollywood are really really important and open their wallets big time to change the playing field."

If they aren't now, there is a reason. What is that reason? They dont want to. How do you change their mind? Name a 'fat cat.' Whats the plan to change that persons mind and make them spend money? How do they get started?

" Think about that — no significant investigative reporting on the right. " Okay, so are you saying people should go into journalism? What are you saying people should do, specifically?
45 weeks ago
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The problem is, Republican "fat cats" have to spend their OWN money buying things...Democrats have a direct line to the US Treasury for their Front Groups, Think Tanks, and State Run Media...

Republicans are business people, and like all business people, a little tight with their own money on the line..."Whats my R.O.I?'....

So they try buying the Politician direct....go wholesale and B to B rather than blowing tons on advertising, trying to convince RETAIL CONSUMERS (the low info types?) to buy their New Healthy Sports Drink, when Red-Bull already has all the shelf space at every 7-11 and mini-mart in the country....

Why risk that, when you can money selling the High Fructose Corn Syrup, tin cans and caffeine in bulk behind the scenes, to the VERY SAME FOLKS who peddle that really popular, teeth-rotting garbage to the Ignorant Masses…who have been trained since birth to hate anything connected to “your brand”?

Democrats are the crafty advertisers…Republicans actually have to PRODUCE things…and its too late in the game to think about switching places…..

The Retail Consumer today is a Drug Addicted Zombie, walking into traffic mesmerized by that Shiny Object in their palm…There is no way to get their attention to shift to something meaningful anymore.

45 weeks ago
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